What is a Healthy Eating Habit?

You may have a healthy eating habit already and don't even know it. What is your healthy eating habit? Think about it.

You probably know a bad eating habit you can give up too. Let's think for a moment. What would it be?

I believe that you know what’s good and bad for your health. You probably know the facts on nutrition: eat five servings of fruits and vegetables, drink your water, reduce your intake of transfats, etc

You can probably recite them in your sleep!

Somehow, you seem to have more bad eating habits that good ones. What's going on?

I believe that your brain is this little tape recorder that you may need to reprogram again. Reprogramming your brain takes time, as new mental pathways need to be created.

Keep reading, I will show you how you can create healthy and good habits one-step at a time.

Parents are responsible to help develop healthy eating habits in their children. Our likes and dislikes often develop when we are children and are usually difficult to change.

I was fairly lucky growing up. My mom is a diabetic and she cooked very healthy meals. In my mind, healthy eating and diabetes go hand in hand.

We ate what mom cooked: vegetables soups, blended fresh fruit juices, legumes, starchy food, etc. There was no sugar in the house.

When we got sick, we did not get a cookie but freshly made egg drop soup. We eat what she cooked...Do you get my drift?

Help your child develop healthy eating habits. I understand it is easier to give in at times, but the long-term consequences can be devastating.

It may be easier for me to stick to a healthy eating habit that it may be for you. But guess what? I also need to reprogram my brain in many areas and have a hard time too.

If health is a priority to you, become a student of your own body. You are responsible for your health and wellness, not your parents, your doctor, your spouse or partner.

The body is a machine, just like your car. You can abuse it in the beginning and it will still run. Then, a time comes when it starts giving you trouble.

You start spending money on it. It works sometimes, and then it doesn't. You continue spending money.

Then, it no longer works. No matter what is done to it, it doesn't work. You then go ahead and buy a new car. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that with people.

Hey! We are getting too serious here. Someone stop me!

Unhealthy eating habits weaken our digestive functions and make it much easier to gain weight, develop diabetes, experience depression, and are the creator of most diseases.

If health is a priority, what do you want to start doing differently today? Ask yourself this question as often as possible. Listen for the answer.

So, how can you create healthy and good habits?

Dr. Robert Maurer, Ph.D., in his book, The Kaizen Way, suggests how you can work on creating healthy habits by using small steps. You can apply his method to anything.

  • Identify what it is you need or choose to change. Example: Eat more healthfully

  • Toss out the first bite of your favorite fattening snack. Do it for a month.

  • Toss out the first and the second bite. Do it for another month.

  • Toss out the first, second and third bite the following month. Continue doing this until you no longer want this food or there are no bites left.

Can you think of a very small step you can take now to remove a bad eating habit or create any healthy good habits?

Change is not instantaneous. Building new habits require trust and patience and new neuropaths in your brain.

Have a friend, someone you trust or a wellness coach help you stay accountable to your new goal.