Boost Self-Confidence with Self-Hypnosis

Talents and Abilities

You can boost self-confidence and the way you think of yourself using the easy but effective methods of self-hypnosis. Simply by changing the suggestions you give yourself, your confidence will grow.

There are people who go through life believing that they have no talents. Maybe you are one of them.

If you were raised in an atmosphere that was not encouraging and maybe downright discouraging, then you have believed the suggestion that was given to you through your environment. But you must now consider that it was a lie. Every person has abilities. Everybody has talents.

You're Already Doing It.

Just take a moment to think about what you do during the day. You may begin to understand that you are actually good at LOTS of things. Your mistake has been focusing on your failures (we all have them) and not focusing on your successes (we all have them, too!).

Perhaps you've developed an excellent technique for brushing your teeth. Congratulations! Does the door stay shut after you closed it? Then you did a great job! As you walk away from the door tell yourself that you got 100% in door closing. That's A . A perfect score!

Begin NOW to notice those things that you do well. And as you notice them, let a good feeling come over you, a feeling of satisfaction. You did it (no matter how small the task) and you deserve to feel good about it.

You will soon become aware of hundreds of things that you do every day with total success.

Every small success becomes a seed for larger successes.

Even if nobody else notices, you know within yourself that you are talented in many ways. You can boost your self-confidence and grow stronger every day.

Feel It Grow

You can also begin to use self-hypnosis to boost self-confidence. Give yourself suggestions of feeling stronger and more confident. Here are a few that you can use as a guide and please alter them to suit yourself and your life.

"I notice all the things that I do well."

"I am able to do many things well."

"I excel in many areas of life."

"I am worthy of success."

Remember, suggestions become beliefs, and beliefs become feelings. Begin by changing the suggestions you give yourself (especially in self-hypnosis) and your feelings will change. You will find yourself facing new situations with quiet assurance and everyday activities with confidence.

Repeat your favourite suggestion just before you fall asleep (a time of natural hypnosis). Say it ten times and keep track by counting on your fingers. That way you will know that you have done it ten times and you will know that you didn't fall asleep.

Repeat the same suggestion or a different one while doing self-hypnosis. Follow the guidelines at specific techniques to allow the suggestion to work in your sub-conscious mind all day.

Remember that you were born a wonderful, unique individual with many talents and abilities. By using self-hypnosis to boost self-confidence, you are merely claiming the gifts that you have had all along.

You are letting go of the lies and the limiting thoughts that have been holding you back and beginning to believe the truth: You can do it.

True Story

A few years ago a report was released that showed that actors and actresses who received an award (Oscar, Emmy, etc.) lived longer. And if you think about it, you can probably name quite a few actors who have lived long and active lives--Bob Hope, George Burns, Jane Wyman, Phillis Diller... all of them well into their 90's (or into the 100's) and some still acting.

Why does an award make a difference? It is a symbol of acceptance, a means of communicating to the person that they are highly regarded and what a suggestion that is!!

How can we use this information to our advantage? After all, we all can't receive awards... or can we? How about giving yourself an award every day in the form of positive suggestions.

"I am great."
"I am successful."
"I am a winner."

These are just a few examples of some of the "awards" you can give yourself to boost self-confidence.

And don't forget to give awards to those around you also. It's good for their health.