The Best Natural Methods to Lower Your Cholesterol

High levels of cholesterol in your blood are bad news. You need to lower it immediately to protect you from cardiovascular disease. The good news is you can lower your cholesterol as long as you’re dedicated to it.

Taking cholesterol drug should be your last option to lower your cholesterol. Tell it to your doctor. Above all medication treatment for cholesterol you should choose natural methods first. It is simple, easy and safe. All you need is you dedication and responsibility to follow the method that you choose consistently. The best natural methods to lower your cholesterol are as follow:

Eat The Right Food

There are foods that you can take for your daily heart-healthy diet and capable of reducing your total and LDL cholesterol. You can read more about it in our four best foods to lower your cholesterol article.

Wet Cough Home Remedies

Wet cough is different from dry cough. Wet cough always characterized with the presence of mucus and phlegm. We usually suppress dry cough to avoid the pain in our throat but it is different with wet cough. If you have wet cough you shouldn’t suppress it, instead you’re advisable to encourage it.

Wet cough sometimes can be considered to be productive when phlegm is being removed from your chest. Thus you’re advisable to encourage it and get rid of the phlegm as soon as possible. When the phlegm is gone your cough will usually go away with it.

Although usually wet cough usually gone as the time pass it is still better if you get rid of it as soon as possible using wet cough home remedies.

Stay Healthy by Drinking Enough Water Every Day

Water is the main chemical element of our body. It was the element that makes up 60% of our body weight. You’ll be dehydrated if you didn’t drink enough water every day. Our body needs water to provide moisture for throat tissues, nose, and ear. Water also functions to dispose toxins out from vital organs and carries nutrients to our body cells.  That shows how important water for our body. The question is how much water should we drink every day?

There is actually no perfect formula to estimate how much your body needs water every day but you can always following the advice that tells us to drink 8 glasses of water every day. There is nothing wrong with that advice but there is also no scientific evidence supporting that advice. The fact is each person actually needs different volume of water each day. It is depend on each person gender, condition and daily activities.

Organic Natural Medicine Facts and Benefits

Natural medicine gains more popularity these days. This is mostly because people are looking for the alternatives of the relentlessly rising health care cost and the rising of chemical drug negative side effects case number. There is lots of information about natural medicine being published every day and thus the public began to understand the benefits of choosing natural medicine.

People's dependence on doctors now began to decrease and more people have started to side with natural medicine as a solution for their health. Some people that were initially hesitance to use natural medicine are now beginning to cast away their doubt and start using it, thanks to the never ending public education of natural medicine.

Currently there are a number of certified organic natural medicines that you can use to cure your disease. Organic natural medicine was grown with organic treatment thus it is safe for your body. You can use them solely mix it with prescriptions. Just remember that you need to get an approval from your doctor before you do that. Some organic natural medicines that available today include natural medicine for acne, fissures, hemorrhoids, migraines, asthma, psoriasis, headaches, eczema, nail fungus, cough, herpes, ringworm, diabetes, and more.