Late Baby, Reluctant Baby

Fear is one reason that a late baby could be a little reluctant to come into the world. This fear could be on the mother's part, or it could be fear on the baby's part.

Now, I know what you're thinking. How could the baby possibly be afraid of something that he or she knows nothing about? The truth is, we don't know everything that goes on in this world (at least I don't!). So I cannot say that the baby doesn't have fear about the unknown.

That little baby was known to God from the beginning of creation, before it was formed in the womb. So it may be possible that he or she is coming into this world with some remembering of things from the time before conception. Can I say for sure that it is so? No. But neither can say for sure that it is not so.

Possible Reasons

Therefore, using some possible scenarios for a late baby,

The mother is afraid.
The baby is afraid.
The right chemical and hormonal changes have not yet begun.
The timing is not right.

let's begin to give suggestions for each.
Confidence for the Mother

Give yourself suggestions for confidence during the birth process and confidence in your ability to be a great mom. It's important for you to know that you will have all the energy and stamina required to get through the birth and to take care of the wee bundle with ease.

Women who use hypnosis for childbirth actually suffer less from postpartum depression than the normal population, so just knowing this will help to relieve some apprehension (assuming that you are using hypnosis).

Suggestions can also be given that you will ask for and accept help from family and friends without feeling guilty. The "supermom" syndrome needs to die a timely death!

Confidence for Baby

How to relieve the fears of the late baby (if they exist)? Communicate feelings of love and anticipation to the unborn child.

You may imagine a tube of light is connecting your heart and the baby's heart. You can use this tube to send love and to receive love from the baby. You can tell the child that he or she is wanted, that the whole family is eagerly waiting for the day when you can all be a family.

Feelings of love and contentment actually release beneficial hormones into your system. The baby will receive the benefits of these hormones and perhaps that is the best part of the whole visioning.

Change the Hormones

Give yourself suggestions for changes in hormonal balance to create just the right mix that will signal the start of the labour and birth process.

You can set up a system of dials and switches in your imagination that control the hormone levels. Adjust the dials and levers to increase those hormones that will start the process.

Suggestions can be given that there will be lots of endorphines (the body's natural anesthetic) available to use throughout the labour and birth.
When all of these suggestions have been given, then it's important to learn to relax and hand the rest of the process over to a power far higher than any human being.

The experience of hypnosis is very relaxing to begin with, but learn to let go of any control and rest in the knowledge that the situation is under the watchful eye of God.

Set apart a few minutes, 4 or 5 times throughout the day, to continue working on these four points: visualizing confidence in yourself, sending love to the baby, adjusting the hormone levels and resting.

One last thing, have your bag packed for the hospital because your mind is very powerful in affecting your body. That late baby could come at any moment!