Self-Change with Self-Hypnosis

It Is Possible

Self-change is possible even if you are stuck in a situation that you think is hopeless. Read on to find out that old belief systems can be changed, attitudes can be changed and behavior will then be altered. You can become the person that you wish to be.

Who Are You?

You may be wondering why I would ask who you are. You've known who you are for years, right? Well let's consider for a moment that who you think you are, is really only who you have been told you are. And if you were told you were someone else, you would be. Do I have you confused yet?

Back to Basics

To understand how you have gained the beliefs about yourself, let's go back to when you were a tiny little baby. You were soooo cute and free. You had many talents and abilities just waiting to be developed and explored.
But what happens if you were born into a family that didn't encourage you in those in-born talents? This can happen for any number of reasons:
  • not enough money,
  • not enough opportunities,
  • not enough interest,
  • not enough understanding
  • too many other children, on and on
For example, you were told that you had no talent. Your efforts to pursue your interests were met with laughter and jeering and maybe a cuff on the head. You were told to forget about it.
The statements that children hear are accepted as fact, because they don't have the experience or the information to dispute them. So it becomes your belief that you have no talent.


But... if you were born into a family that encouraged your interest, you would be given the opportunity to pursue the field of your interest. And because you are told that you have talent, and because you are encouraged in something that you enjoy, you would then be successful.
The same person can feel like a failure, or like a success depending on what he or she believes.
So, what are you believing?

The Next Step

What happens when someone believes that they have no talent? They lose confidence in themselves. They lack the confidence to pursue worthwhile goals such as:
  • choosing educational courses with a future
  • attaining habits that lead to a positive future (no drugs or criminal behavior)
  • selecting a partner based on mutual love and respect (as opposed to mere physical attractiveness)
So, this person will end up in a dead-end job, maybe hooked on alcohol or drugs and coming home to a troubled relationship and probably wondering why the situation is so hopeless.
But remember, this same person could be successful if he or she believes that it is possible. And the belief comes from the statements that were given in the early years.


Self-change with self-hypnosis is going back and altering the beliefs to allow for success. Once the new suggestions are given to the sub-conscious mind, the beliefs are changed. Now you can get on with your life without the negative thoughts and feelings that have been limiting you.
Self-change happens when you over-ride the old belief system by giving yourself positive suggestions. Commit yourself to three weeks of self-hypnosis. It only takes two to three minutes, twice a day to achieve the results that you desire.