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Burnout seems to be part of our society now. We all know someone suffering from it or maybe you are going through it yourself.

If you're one of those people who seems to have lost interest in the things you do, things you used to love to do, you may be dealing with a burnout situation.

What Is It?

In layman's terms, it is the result of stress being held in the body over a long time. It is going to have an effect on a person's ability to cope emotionally and physically.

And really it's a wise part of yourself that is telling you, "If you do this any more you're going to blow up! So stop doing it now, while there is time to recoup."

Who is at risk? Those who have high demand jobs are more at risk for burnout, especially if there are time constraints and if the job has a direct effect on people's lives. Stock Brokers, doctors, working moms, police and fire persons, people in the service industry and many others all fall into that category.

Why Not All

A list of jobs and professions that are at risk for burnout is listed above. If it is the job itself or the profession, why do only SOME people in that field get burnout?

Very good question! The answer is...

Some people have learned better coping skills.

Some people were raised in homes that taught balance in life.

Some people have an attitude (keeping things in the proper perspective) that protects them from the effects of stress.

And some people have learned to let go and relax when they have a chance.

Life is stressful. There is no way to live without some stress. The important point is to learn balance. Reduce stress when you can and learn ways to counter the stress that you can't reduce.

Getting Out of the Cycle

If you are suffering from burnout, see your doctor for a thorough check-up. Be sure there is no physical reason for the symptoms you are experiencing. Then with the doctor's approval, begin to learn some techniques of relaxation.

There is no greater way to relax than by practicing self-hypnosis. There are three important ways that self-hypnosis helps.

1. Your body relaxes to a level that you haven't been to in a long, long time. This is just what your body needs in times of stress. And only a few minutes of this type of "letting-go" will influence the rest of your day in a very positive way.

2. While in self-hypnosis, the use of proper suggestions or affirmations also helps to keep things in perspective. You are looking for balance in your life and this is one way to achieve it.

3. In hypnosis, suggestions become belief. Things that you tell yourself, even the suggestion that you are relaxing, become your belief. Your body is affected by your thoughts, so use this method of changing your thoughts and beliefs and your body will respond.

Keeping Away

Before it gets to the point of burnout and begins to effect your whole life, start some new habits to keep the level of stress from reaching a crisis point.

Learn the techniques of self-hypnosis to enable your body and your mind to relax to a very deep level. By using any of these methods of relaxation habitually, you will greatly reduce or rid your body of the effects of stress. Try some instant methods that you can use during any short break at work or at home.

Two or three minutes of this deep relaxation is like a wonderful escape and you will then be able to go back to your duties refreshed.

Use prayer to relieve stress. Connecting with a power higher than yourself will put your life in a more stable perspective. You will be able to return to work with a renewed focus.

Schedule some family time. Include some physical activity with your kids or your spouse for the additional benefit of exercise. Time spent doing things with your family is an investment that cannot be equaled. When you do go back to your commitments, you'll be re-charged.

A Little Story

Allow me to tell you a little story that took place a long time ago during the conflict between two villages. The leader of one village became separated from his troops and was being pursued by the enemy. He finally hid in a stack of straw beside the barn of some peasants. The enemy soldiers searched the farm and came to the straw stack. Using their bayonettes, they pierced the heap of straw, but fortunately did not find him.

His own troops soon caught up with the leader and he told the story of his near capture. One of the soldiers asked him how it felt to be that close to death. Immediately the leader looked at the man and commanded "How dare you speak to me in that manner?" He ordered that the insolent man be put in front of a firing squad.

The soldier was blindfolded and stood in front of a brick wall. He heard the order, "Ready... Aim..." and then the blindfold was removed and the leader leaned in and said, "Now you know."

Don't Wait

It is hoped that you will not wait until you are standing before a firing squad (figuratively speaking, of course!) to begin practicing some steps of stress reduction.

You don't need to experience burnout to gain the knowledge of stress reduction methods. Begin today to use your options and regain your perspective, your health and the proper connection to your work and loved ones.

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