Are Stress Vitamins Reliable?

Stress vitamins are safe and reliable if taken within the recommended doses. Ideally, you want to have medical supervision if you have any health problems or have limited knowledge on supplements.

Supplements are just one small part of the puzzle. Visit my stress tips page to get other ideas and suggestions.

Nutritionists and alternative health care practitioners are great resources for any clarification on what your body needs right now.

Vitamins are nutrients found in our food. Our body produces vitamin K and vitamin D in small quantities.

All other vitamins come from the outside through food and necessary supplements.

I don’t want to bore you giving you a nutrition class. I do believe it is important to give you a general idea of how the supplements work regarding stress.

I am a believer in taking whole food supplements and attribute my good health and wellness to keeping my immune system strong. I also believe that stress relief vitamins are effective if taken within reason.

Supplements in general are another health related fitness piece of the wellness puzzle.

You know by now that stress is the body and the mind's response to any pressure that disrupts its normal balance. Anxiety, depression and stress are our society’s most common ailments.

I work in an office with a Naturopathic doctor. She treats her patients stress related problems, very successfully with different whole food supplements and herbs.

Are you aware of the side effects of stress relief drugs?

It makes sense to me that my body is unique with its strengths and weaknesses. Having a holistic doctor supervise any type of program to my uniqueness is the safest and most proper way to fight anything.

Vitamins A, B Complex, C and E are called the stress vitamins. Read on to find out their role in fighting stress.

I think it is worth it to try supplements if you have a lot of stress in your life.