Hypnosis for Childbirth

Many Benefits

The main reason that women choose to use hypnosis for childbirth is the promise of reduced pain. Let's face it, nobody likes pain and if there is a safe and reliable way to eliminate it, well, let's go for it.

The next reason that women use hypnosis is because they want a way to eliminate the chemical anesthetics that affect the baby. You have been caring and protecting that little baby for almost nine months and you want to continue to protect him or her during labour.

The methods that are used during childbirth are actually beneficial to the baby. This is proven by the fact that babies score higher on the Apgar scale with the use of hypnosis. The Apgar Score is a five-point assessment that is given to the newborn at 1 minute and again at 5 minutes after birth. The five points are:

  • colour

  • respiration

  • heartbeat,

  • muscle tone

  • and reflex irritability (grimace)

Shorter labour time and shorter hospital stay are more benefits that most women enjoy. As a result of the quicker birth, you will not be as fatigued afterward. You will still have energy to care for the baby and will be mentally alert from the absence of anesthetics.

The final benefit is that there is a reduced risk of post-partum depression. This is especially promising for those who have experienced it with other pregnancies and for those who are at risk for depression.

Pain Reduction

Unfortunately, I am not able to teach pain reduction and pain management techniques from a web-site. You do need to contact a hypnotist in your area who is familiar with the methods of hypnosis for childbirth (not all hypnotists are trained in pain reduction and pain management).

However, you will be able to use many of the techniques already covered and explained for the early stages of labour. I will also cover the stages of labour and some of the body mechanics that are very helpful to use as metaphors during labour and delivery. When you understand how the body works, it is much easier to visualize it working quickly and effortlessly.

Other Benefits of Hypnosis

Hypnosis for childbirth is not restricted to the delivery of the baby.

Couples who are taking a long time to conceive can benefit from hypnosis, where no physical reason can account for not conceiving.

The success rate for invitro fertilization techniques is increased with the use of hypnosis, also.

Hypnosis can be used for a late baby. Assuming that your doctor has no objection to the birth beginning, your thoughts have a powerful influence on your body and by using the proper suggestions and visualizations, a long awaited and overdue birth can begin.

Hypnosis is very helpful for those suffering from nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (NVP). As a non-chemical method of receiving relief from this unpleasant condition, hypnosis is wonderful. Many women are very relieved to know that there is a method of overcoming this complaint without using drugs.

One more significant threat to women who dearly want a baby is premature labour or miscarriage. Hypnosis has been shown to be beneficial in calming the storm and allowing things to settle allowing more time for the baby to develop more fully.

Time is precious and every day that you can add to your baby's gestation period is significant. Use every possible technique available to you including, of course, hypnosis for childbirth.

Everyone can benefit from learning the easy methods of self-hypnosis. These techniques will not only get you through your pregnancy and labour in a calm and healthy way, you can then continue to use them to remain at ease and in control. This will be of benefit to yourself and your loved ones. (P.S. Teach them to your partner too!)