Self-Confidence with Self-Hypnosis

Gaining Confidence with Self-Hypnosis

You can gain self-confidence with self-hypnosis. You can become more assured in the work place, in sports, in the community and at home, even at the wedding

Why is it that some people just seem so darned confident? They go through life with an unrestrained knowledge that they can accomplish any task and are able to reach their goals with ease.

Yet, we all know people who seem to have many abilities and lots going for them who fail to put forth the effort to be successful.

They lack the self-confidence to even try.

Learned or Inborn?

Self-confidence is a learned attribute. It goes all the way back to when you were a baby. A baby, although born with aptitudes and talents, relies on the outside world to tell her who she is. Since she has no preconceived ideas about herself, she takes her cues from those around her.
Besides learning about the world and how it works, she is very busy learning about herself based on other's opinions. And everything that she sees, hears, and feels is taken as a clue to the type of person she is.
To put it simply, if she is encouraged in her innate aptitudes and skills, she becomes confident. The opposite is also true. If the child is ignored or treated harshly, she understands that she is not worth the time or effort.
Everyone has some self-confidence.

Nobody is totally confident.

Can it be Reversed?

It is always possible to boost your self-confidence. That's right, always. Begin with the understanding that it was something lacking in your education (formal or other). If no one around you is encouraging, then you can change your belief and gain self-confidence by giving yourself positive suggestions.
Self-hypnosis is a wonderful method of doing it.


Children automatically believe what they are told. Since they don't have enough information or experience to filter the input, they accept everything as truth. So, suggestions become beliefs. Can you think of something that you were told as a child that became your belief? Most people can remember being told they were shy, or clumsy and remain that way as adults.

If you have children, be very careful what suggestions you are giving them. A child that is shy in certain situations, can be totally courageous at other times. Focus on the positive, always.

Adults have filtering tools and are able to reject (at least to some extent) what they are told. However, to make changes to old belief patterns, the patterns that were put in place when you were a child, the sub-conscious is where you need to work.

Here's a great affirmation:

"Every day in every respect, I get better and better."
You can say it when you are doing your self-hypnosis throughout the day (twice, every day I hope!) or just before you fall asleep. Repeat it to yourself or out loud. While you are saying it, think of yourself actually doing it: getting better in whatever way you need. (Emile Coue, known as the father of autosuggestion, first used this phrase in the early twentieth century and there has been a devoted following ever since.)

A Little Story

Allow me to tell you a little story about a farmer who purchased a batch of chicks to raise. It was quite a bunch of fluffy, yellow chicks, but among the group there was one that was different. The farmer knew that this one was not like the other chicks and thought that nature would take care of the unusual little creature. Yet every day when the farmer went to the barn for chores he was still alive.

He tried to do the things that the other chicks were doing: eating corn, pecking at the ground, doing the best he could, but he was obviously different. The other chicks made fun of him. He felt that he did not fit in, no matter how hard he tried. And he longed to fly. He would look up and see others up there in the sky and then he would look at the chicks and he knew he didn't feel like one of them.

One day the farmer grabbed him and set him high up on a ledge hoping he would go away. He was scared looking down over the edge. He kept saying to himself, "Chickens don't fly." But suddenly he was not afraid any more. He sat up and started to lean over. He didn't fall because the talons that didn't work on the ground, were now exactly what he needed. All day he just sat there. He could see a rabbit 1/2 a mile away and he was getting hungry. So finally he made a decision. He jumped off and started to fall, but immediately his wings shot out and caught a draft and suddenly he was 100 feet in the air. It was who had been from the beginning--an eagle.

All the time the chicks kept saying, "Chickens don't fly." "Chickens don't eat meat." "Chickens stay in the barnyard." And if he has listened to those voices, he never would have known that he could soar, that he could see the world from a different viewpoint, that he could be who he was meant to be.

Now is the Time to Change

Perhaps the conditions that you grew up in were discouraging. Perhaps the voices you heard were always telling you what you couldn't do.

Now is the time to start a self-change, to alter what you believe about yourself and to gain self-confidence. Refuse to live your life by other's limitations.

You are a 3-dimensional being.
  • The person you were,
  • the person you are and
  • the person you can become.

Use Self-Hypnosis

Using self-hypnosis is the best thing that you can do for yourself and your level of confidence. There is a lot of information out there about self-confidence, why you should be more confident, what will happen if you are... and if you aren't. But, just having the information does you no good.
You need a way to change. Self-Hypnosis is the key to changing your feelings and your behaviour.
Begin today to learn self-hypnosis and very soon you (and those around you) will begin to notice your confidence level soar (like an eagle!).

It's That Time of Year

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