Herbs for Stomach Problems

Constipation, indigestion, diarrhea heartburn, and bloating are common stomach problems. These problems happen because of what you eat and it happen to everybody. Treating it with prescription medicine is not a good decision since it means letting more chemical substance into your body system.

Using herbs to treat these common stomach problems would be safer. Ginger, chamomile, and peppermint are herbs that have been proven effective to cure these problems but there are more out there. Since you need to know the right herbs for your stomach problems we provide you with this article.  Below are the best herbs for stomach problems.

Ginger is a carminative and effective to overcome bloating, gas and stomachache. It also considered as warming herb that can generate heat inside our body. Ginger also effective to works against nausea and vomiting thus it is also preferred for motion and morning sickness.

Natural Herbs Remedies For Headache

Headache is a common problem for everybody. It can happen anytime and at anywhere. The causes also vary from time to time but most of it is because of the accumulation of physical or emotional stress.

Since we don’t know when we will have a headache it is best if we prepare some remedies for it in our bag or pocket all the time. You surely don’t need a headache when you’re in the middle of a business meeting or a business presentation, right?

Natural remedies in the form of herbs are preferable if you care about your health in the long run. Herbs for headache are actually pretty effective and safe for your body.

Ginger tea

Ginger is in fact a super herb and has a lot of benefits. One of its benefits is curing headache. Ginger tea is efficient to carry everywhere and you can buy it in most herbal stores. It works as headache remedy by inhibiting prostaglandin synthesis and it is also effective for nausea and migraine.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile is probably the second choice after Ginger tea. Both herbs are famous for their benefits of curing many diseases. Brew a cup of chamomile tea and drink it while it is still warm will immediately lessen your headache. If you don’t like the chamomile taste you can add a couple drop of honey into the tea.

If you had your headache when you’re at home you can do head rubs or footbaths to get rid your headache. You can use rosemary or thyme oil for head rubs. Just dab a drop of it in your forehead and let it do the work while sitting in a chair for a several minutes. Both oils were reported to contain carvacrol that can act as headache remedy.

If you prefer footbaths to get rid your headache you can use lavender or peppermint oil. Add a few drop of it into the hot water and then put your feet in the water. You will feel more relax thanks to oil aroma and your headache will lessen thanks to the hot water that draws more blood into your foot and thus easing the blood vessels pressure in your head.

How to Prevent Insomnia Naturally

Insomnia is a condition where you have trouble falling asleep at night. The causes are varying from person to person but one thing for sure, it is bad for your health. It can lead to more health problems if you ignore it. The first problem you will notice if you have insomnia is lack of sleep.

Lack of sleeps can interrupt cell growth and repair that happen when you sleep and ruin your immune system. It will also affect your mood, concentration and memory. Thus you can’t do your job at your fullest.

Taking sleeping pills usually become the easiest solution for people with insomnia. Unfortunately it can cause other health problems in the future. To prevent you from having more health problems because of insomnia it is advisable that you try some natural approaches first.

As for those who still free from insomnia it is recommended that you take precaution steps. Some natural ways that you can do to prevent yourself from insomnia are:

Daily Exercise and weight control

Prevent yourself from overweight by do some exercise regularly. This will protect you from insomnia. According to some study results, obesity has been proven to cause sleep problems.

Manage your stress level

Stress and depression are the main causes of sleep problems. Thus you need to be able to manage your stress. Medication or yoga is a good choice to control your stress. Aromatic therapy is also effective to lower your stress.

Stop drinking alcohol and smoking tobaccos

Both alcohol and tobacco are bad for your health. It can cause insomnia and disrupt your sleep cycle. If you can’t stop smoking just try not to smoke two hour before you go to bed.

Basically you just need to live a healthy lifestyle and you will be guarantee free from insomnia. For those who already live with insomnia there actually are some natural remedies for you. Thus you can overcome insomnia naturally and maintain your health. Remember that you need to let go any thought of using sleeping pills as a solution for your insomnia problem. Natural medicine or methods should always come first.

Herbal Tea is Good For Our Health

It is within our knowledge that since ancient times Herbal tea has been used as natural remedy. It already becomes part of our cultural tradition and daily lives even up to this very day. Before we are going deep into the benefits of herbal tea for our health you need to understand what herbal tea really is.

Some people actually don’t know what herbal tea really is. You can ask your friend about whether they know about herbal tea or not. Most of them will answer that herbal tea is healthy tea like green tea, black tea or Oolong tea and only a few of them know that it is actually not “tea” at all. Green tea, black tea and Oolong tea were made from the same plant leaves, Camellia Sinensis while herbal tea were made from a blend of dried leaves, flowers, roots, or stems.