Negative Ionization Benefits

Now you can enjoy the benefits of negative ionization for a fraction of a cost by using Ionic Salt Crystals.

Here are just a few other ways to enjoy them.

Ionic Salt Crystal Bath

Feeling a little under the weather? Get energize in a salt crystal bath. It’s a fabulous way to revitalize you inside and out, soothing, calming while strengthening your immune system and detoxifying your body.

To Prepare: Pour 1-3 cups of salt crystals into bathtub (depending on desired strength).

Add only enough water to cover and dissolve the salt, which takes approximately 10-20 minutes.

Then fill the tub with warm water, jump in and relax!

Please don’t add any synthetic bath products with these natural salts.

For a maximum benefits, indulge in soaking for a minimum of 20 minutes. I suggest not rinsing the salt off after your bath and giving your body some time to rest, as this is no ordinary salt.

Warning : While a salt bath has a positive effect, they can be demanding on your circulatory system. Do not use this product if you suffer from weak or poor heart circulation. Seek the advice of your physician first before using this product.

Ionic Salt Crystal Aromatherapy

Use it to fragrance your home and experience the amazing benefits of negative ionization. As the tart warmer heats the Salt Crystals, they fill the air with pure revitalizing negative ions, while also diffusing a beautiful aroma of your choosing.

Start by adding 2-3 Tablespoon of Salt Crystals to your Fragrance Diffuser or Tart Warmer.

Add 1 Teaspoon of your favorite fragrance or Aromatherapy Fragrances like Lavender or Tranquil are especially relaxing.

Turn on the Tart Warmer or if powered by Tea Light, Light it, put it beneath and enjoy!

For best performance, use Ionic Salt Crystals only once or twice at the most; then wipe it off with a clean damp cloth.

Create an Ionic Salt Crystal and Water Solution

Fill a glass jar with Ionic Salt Crystals and water. Put enough Salt Crystals so that they do not fully dissolve in the water. Use this dynamic solution for all of the following purposes:

As Help for Acne

Dab solution all over the face and specifically on any pimples. Do not rinse off and let it dry naturally.

As a Toner

After cleansing your face Dip a cotton ball in the Salt Crystal solution and apply over face, pat dry, dip cotton ball again and slightly dab again all over your face. Do not rinse off and let it dry naturally. This will keep your skin hydrated.

As Dental Hygiene
After brushing your teeth Dip your tooth brush into the Ionic Salt Crystal and water solution, brush over teeth and even brush your tongue.

Create a Foot Soak
Add a cup of Ionic Salt Crystals into a foot-bath filled with water.

Soak for at least 30 minutes; these acts as a detoxifies as well as softening your feet, making it easy to remove calluses and exfoliate rough skin.

Hectic, busy schedules are now the norm in America. As a result, we are overstressed. The Ionic Salt Crystals is the perfect product to help restore health and balance in our being and anyone we love.

Although negative ionization is known for its benefits, these products are not intended to cure, heal, or prevent diseases.

Ionic Salt Crystals

Have you ever felt exhausted? Tire and run down for no apparent reason? Ionic Salt Crystals can restore balance in your environment; these are the earth’s natural cleanser! They are known for their many therapeutic properties and purifying attributes.

Salt Crystals are made from salt deposits naturally formed 250 million years ago in the remote region of the Himalayan Mountains; they are mined from their pure, original state. These natural salt crystals emit negative ions that cleanse and restore balance in our environment both at home and at work.

As we become more hi-tech reliant society with computers, microwaves, cell phones and even bigger TV's, we create a more hazardous environment in our homes.

Fight back this indoor pollutant with Ionic Salt Crystals.

These salt crystals can be use in an electric tart warmer or a tart warmer powered by a tea light. As the tart warmer or tea light warms the salt crystals, bountiful of negative ions are released purifying the air and soothing our emotions.

Salt has long been a natural source of healing for thousands of years. Have you ever wondered why you feel so great whenever you’re up in the mountain, or at the seashore or even after a thunderstorm? This is due to the high concentration of negative ions in these surroundings. It is no wonder natural hot springs are developed in areas where abundant salt water flow.

These Salt Crystals have many uses and benefits. Here are just a few other ways to enjoy them.

Ionic Salt Bath
Feeling a little under the weather? Get energize in a salt crystal bath.

Ionic Salt Aromatherapy
Use it to fragrance your home and experience the amazing benefits of negative ionization

Create a Foot Soak
Add a cup of Ionic Salt Crystals into a foot-bath filled with water.

As a Toner
After cleansing your face

As a Help for Acne
Dab solution on your face and specifically on any pimples

As Dental Hygiene
After brushing your teeth

Make these Himalayan Salt Crystals a part of your every day life. The intoxicating fragrance alone will improve your mood, enhance your day and bring balance to your lifestyle. And when used in a bath, you'll soak in some tranquility and release toxins while you relax, revitalize and re-energize!

Candle Tart Mold

Choosing a decorative candle tart mold is part of the fun when making candle tarts.

Personally, I like using mini muffin pan or candy molds. It’s inexpensive and easy to find.

They come with different sizes and shapes that give my candle tarts more decorative flair.

Beautiful mini rose, sea shells, daisy and hearts are just some of the candle mold designs you can choose from.

Heart candle tart mold are excellent for Valentine’s Day or Wedding favors; Love Spell fragrance is the perfect scent for these heart shapes tarts.

For a poker party, give your host/hostess a set of tart warmer and candle tarts shape in diamond, spades, clubs and heart and let the games begin!

Delicate rose and daisy mold are perfect for spring or summer scent fragrances like Apple Blossom, Blooming Honeysuckle, Orange Blossom, Blackberry, Plumeria, Watermelon, Cucumber Melon or Vanilla.

Create your tarts with this clear mold with flip top lid. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Then place your tarts in a small organza bag for an elegant look.

Use these as marketing giveaways, give as gifts or sell them, the choices are unlimited.

Candle Making Molds

Molds for candle making come in various materials, and will cover some of the main one in this section.

Clear or White plastic Molds – These are the easiest molds for a beginner to use. It comes in various geometric shapes such as cylinders, balls, pyramids or cubes. The ball and egg shapes are two part molds while the others have a simple open ends. You should not pour a heated wax above the 180F into them, or they may be damaged.

Metal Molds are durable and you can pour a hot wax into them for up to 195F for superb results. They are more expensive than plastic molds but will last a long time.

Glass molds are fragile and the shape is limited to cylinders. However, they produce candles with beautiful shiny surface.

Flexible Molds – Rubber or latex molds come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. As they are flexible, they can be in different intricate shapes with undercuts. Because they are flexible, it will stretch and deteriorate in time.

Caution: Flexible molds are also difficult to support when they are full of hot wax. Just be extra careful when using these materials.

Cleaning Candle or Tart Molds

Candle tart molds should be clean and free of candle wax before using. Avoid scratching or scraping the inside of molds when cleaning them, it will blemish future candles or tarts. Metal, glass, plastic or rubber candle molds may be cleaned in any of the following ways.

1) Fill sink with hot water and add liquid dish soap. Allow candle molds to soak in water for 10-15 minutes. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

2) Preheat oven to 200 F. Place a paper towel on a cookie sheet. Place the candle molds upside down on paper towels and place in oven for 7-9 minutes. Remove the cookie sheet from the oven and wipe all excess wax from the inside of the candle molds.

Candle Scent Chips

Candle scent chips are basically wickless scented candles designs for the use of tart burner or tart warmer. Sometimes they are referred to as wax melts, candle chips, melts, scent chips or candle melts. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Candle tarts are best when you needed to scent your house faster, when these soy melts are heated the fragrance are released amazingly fast!

Because candle chips are wickless; Therefore they are soot free and are ideal for use in places that open flame are not the best idea, like dorms, retirement homes, reception area and homes with small children and pets.

I especially like to use soy tarts as a marketing tools. These are an inexpensive way to let my friends, relatives and customers sample new scents or try my own mix of fragrances.

Also, try using aromatherapy essential oil to scent your tarts and put them over Ionic Salt Crystals. As the tart burner or warmer heats the Salt Crystals and candle melts, they fill the air by releasing a soothing aroma in your home.

Benefits of Candle Scent Chips

Some of my customers actually prepare tarts over traditional candles; because they are:

1) Inexpensive
2) Stronger scent
3) Last longer than a container candle
4) Wickless and soot free
5) Melts faster than traditional candles
6) Excellent scent samples

Electric Tart Warmers

If you love candles and safety is an issue, electric tart warmers are your answer. Many candle company offer variety of electric tart warmers in beautiful designs, style and colors that can add accent to your home decor.

With no open flame, a tart warmer is perfect for students, teachers, home office, and nursing home or anywhere where a flame is prohibited.

Till next time! Have fun making candles.

Candle Fragrances

There are hundreds of holiday and seasonal candle fragrances in the market.

Unfortunately we can’t cover them all….but we are going to cover are our all time favorite

candle fragrances like Cinnamon Bun, Cucumber Melon, Peach, etc…

Scent has a way of making us remember our fondest memories that have long been forgotten. The sweet and wonderful smell you wake to on a Sunday morning, steaming on the table, fresh from the oven, your favorite…..

Cinnamon Bun - Mmmm….hot, delicious scent of cinnamon, drizzled with sweet vanilla icing. Served with my favorite, hot and steaming Chocolate Mocha. I’m on cloud nine.

Chocolate Mocha -I discovered this scent quite by accident. I wanted to make a batch of chocolate scented candles when I discovered I didn’t have enough scent to make a whole batch and I had already melted a big batch of soy wax. So I mixed 2 parts chocolate and 1 part mocha-chino and the result was quite delicious! My husband and youngest daughter loved this scent.

Baby Powder - Refreshing and clean, brings back wonderful memories of when my kids were still babies.

Crème Brule -A delicious birthday treat. The creamy taste of vanilla custard and crunchy caramelized sugar, I can taste it now. Mmmmm…..

Cinnamon Spice - Full bodied scent of cinnamon and spice with a hints of nutmeg.

Cucumber Melon - My sister Maryanne’s ultimate favorite in candle fragrances! The cool scent of ripe melon reminds me of hot summer day. We made this cool drink with grated melon, sugar and lots of crushed ice. The scent is calm and refreshing.

Peach - Sweet and juicy like fresh cut peaches right from our tree. It was no wonder the squirrel always beat us to the fruits!

Pina Colada - A wonderful sweet scent of young coconut, rum, accented with the sweet scent of banana and a touch of vanilla. It sends me back to our relaxing family vacation to the island of Kauai.

Pumpkin Soufflé - My sister Josie’s all time favorite scent. A real-like fragrance that is bursting with fresh pumpkin and mouth watering scent of butter and spices our whole house smells like a bakery.

Strawberry - A reminder of the day my family and I went out to Brentwood, CA to pick this fresh, sweet and juicy fruit. It smelled so good; we couldn’t wait to pay for it so we can start eating them!

Peppermint and Eucalyptus - Invigorating, refreshing and every time I make a batch of this candle, it always cleared my sinus. Amazing!

Lavender - I love this scent. Very relaxing and soothing and to think I almost didn’t try this fragrance because a friend of mine hated it. Lucky for me, it turned out to be a hit!

Very Vanilla - Delicious, Sweet and creamy topped all the other vanilla scents I have ever tried.

In my experience, the best way I choose candle fragrances is to pick what I like best and I also asked my friends and family, their likes and dislikes. I try to have a good mix of scents that are in different category types, like fruit, floral, spice, food, etc.

Don’t be afraid to try new candle fragrances. It also helps to look into your suppliers list of best sellers. Also read some of the testimonials, fragrances that are receiving good reviews are a good indication that the fragrance is a hit.

Also, try creating your own scent by mixing some fragrances that have the same base notes. Rename it as appropriate. For example, I mixed Crème Brule and Cinnamon Bun and named it Cinnamon Crunch. It was such a hit; I can’t keep these candles in stock.

Always remember to request a free sample of fragrance that you like to try. Bye for now and have fun making candles!

Candle Making

What I love about candle making is that anyone can do it! Candle making is an activity for people of all ages, from kids to adults. If you can boil water, you can make candles.

I started out making soy candles just for my family. You see my family loves candles. My sister Josie is practically addicted to this stuff.

It’s easy to get hooked making candles, transforming white flakes of soy wax into glowing treasures. It can be a relaxing and satisfying experience. Finally your creativity and personality can be expressed through your scents and decorations.

Have Fun!

People love candles, it’s simply just a fact. Some even like to give them as gifts, as I’m sure you’ve seen at your latest wedding or Christmas exchange. Handcrafted candle gifts are viewed by both men and women as an acceptable gift.

Imagine making a gift for a friend, choosing his/her favorite color as well as scent to compliment her favorite room in her house. Or have your friends over for an all girls day! It’s a fun way to catch up while making beautiful creations that each of your friends will be proud of.

I Made a Mistake!

When I first started making candles, the most common mistake I made was not testing my colors before pouring my candles. Sometimes I just got lucky and it all worked out, and I actually created some beautifully colored candles. But if you like things perfect, its best to pour a small amount of your colored wax in a small container to make sure you’ve achieved the desired color for your project.

Just in case you make a mistake. Relax; it is important not to get too frustrated. This is an arts and craft project you can easily fix if you happen to mess up. Just melt down the mistake and start over.

Turn your candle crafts into profit. Selling soy candles is a great way to make money from home if you take it seriously and do your research.

Ten Great Reasons to Make Soy Candles

1) It’s fun and easy!

2) It’s fun activity for you, your friends or is a great bonding project with your kids.

3) Candles are great gifts for any occasion.

4) You save money by making your own candles.

5) You can customize your candles to fit your style.

6) Meet new people and develop new friendship through mutual love of candle making.

7) You love candles and can’t seem to have enough of them.

8) Candles are BIG in enjoyment with no calories.

9) Very rewarding as you can see results in a matter of minutes.

10) Is an inexpensive hobby. [which is always a plus!].

Why Soy Candles?

Is it really Healthier for You?

Yup! Candles have evolved. Feel the warmth and smell the fresh clean aromatic scent of soy candles, the healthier benefits we can now expect from our candles.

Have you ever wondered why you get headaches after you light a paraffin candles in your home? No, it’s not the fragrance unlike what most people think. Actually, it's the carcinogen from the candle you inhale that gives you the headache.

A few years ago, I developed severe allergies and asthma. I never connected candles to be the source of my suffering; Then, I bought a soy candle from a church boutique.

I was so excited with my new candle; I lit the candle as soon as I got home. Wow! I didn't get asthma! Then it got me thinking! Maybe it is the store bought candles that is giving me asthma!

So I did a little experiment just to find out. I lit a candle that I already had at home and waited if I get some kind of reaction. Sure enough, within 30 minutes I started wheezing.

I opened windows and doors in our house to let some fresh air in. The next day, I lit the soy candle to test my theory. Wow! No asthma!

After which, I did a little researched to find out what was in these store bought candles. I was surprise of what I read, and the true dangers I was placing my family in.

How much truth is in these statements? 

I don’t know all I can tell you is that I’m not having any asthma attacks whenever I lit soy candles. Ultimately, the decision is yours of what type of candles you buy and what is good for you and your family.

For my family, we like the all natural soy wax candles; we enjoy the soothing aroma of our favorite candle scents without the worry of allergies and asthma.

My family and I have always been fond of candles. Their scent and glow are relaxing to us. I especially like to light my candles on rainy days and during our family meals, turning our ordinary meals into something special, even if its as simple as last nights leftovers.

German Chamomile

German Chamomile and Roman Chamomile are the two (2) types of Chamomile oil used in aromatherapy. Both have very different chemical compositions and therapeutic properties.

Traditionally, the dried flowers of both chamomile species are used as herbal teas and to treat various digestive disorders, mild infections, muscle spasms and sleep aid.

The tea is claimed to be soothing and sedative, and is often used for the treatment of children’s digestive complaints (Colic). Consult your doctor or aromatherapy practitioner for recommended dosage.

Plant Description

Chamomile is characterized by their white daisy-like flowers with yellow centers and feathery leaves. German Chamomile flowers have a distinctive earthy smell, and supposedly produce a more bitter tea than the flowers of English or Roman Chamomile which has a sweet apple-like odor.

Traditional aromatherapy uses

Chamomile oil is used for inflammatory and itchy conditions, and is also applied externally for soothing of digestive problems.

Itchy skin conditions Add 3 drops of Chamomile oil to 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil. Massage gently into the itchy area, and reapply as needed.

Insect bites and stings Apply 1 to 2 drops of undiluted oil directly to the bite or sting for rapid soothing.

Sore eyes Make a cup of herbal Chamomile tea with 2 teabags. When the teabags are cool, place them on your closed eyelids and relax.


Chamomile is considered generally safe.

If you suffer from asthma, it will make your asthma worse. People with asthma should not take it.

Because of the risk of miscarriage, this oil can't be used on expecting mother.

If you allergic to daisy-type flowers don't use this oil.

Important Note: The information provided in above is for educational purposes only. This data is not considered complete and is not guaranteed to be accurate.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is one of the most popular oils in aromatherapy. The oil is steam distilled from the flowering tops of lavender. One of the problems for lavender growers is the cross-fertilization of different species of lavender to form hybrids. The scent of the oil varies markedly between the different species and hybrids. Two species are used-the English lavender (L. Vera) and the French lavender (L. Angustifolia)-both of which yield a similar oil.

French lavender grows wild all over southern Europe. The most highly prized lavender in aromatherapy is the so-called “wild crafted” Alpine French lavender, which is handpicked and distilled in small amounts by local farmers.

Lavender essential oils are more expensive than Spike Lavender oil; watch out for those unscrupulous producers blend the two to increase their profit margin.

Aromatherapy uses

It is useful to have on hand in the kitchen to apply to burns, and to take on picnics as a remedy for insect bites and stings.

Burns For sunburn and for a small burn from hot spitting fat, ironing or from hot steam, cover the burned area liberally in undiluted Lavender essential oil as quickly as possible. The oil will remove the sting and hear from the burn, and the skin should not blister. Reapply if necessary.

Bites and Sting Apply undiluted Lavender essential oil directly to the bite or sting. Reapply if needed until the swelling goes down and the pain diminishes.

Stress Put 3 tablespoon of Ionic Salt Crystal in a tart warmer, add 3 drops of Lavender essential oil in the bedroom before going to sleep. The negative ionization and the scent can reduce anxiety and stress by creating a relaxing scent to the air. Another way is to add 3 drops to a warm bath with candle light just before going to bed.

Most essential oils should not be used directly on the skin; lavender is one of the few essential oils that can be applied. With so many uses and wonderful properties, it is with a good reason why lavender is one of the most popular essential oils today.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Aromatherapy can help soothe, relax and rejuvenate your body, soul and mind.

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine, which is primarily used by alternative medical practitioners. The medical properties of essential oils have been applied in folk medicine since the beginning of times and still widely used today.

Our fascination with fragrance must have started with our response to the aromas and odors of our natural environment. Some flowers produce heady scents to attract pollinating insects. Others to depend themselves against predator and diseases, some plant deploy a chemical defenses. Essential oils are part of this chemical arsenal.

Most essentials oils found in rinds of fruit, leaves, and seeds deter insects and herbivores from eating them. While the essential oil found in bark and heartwood of trees are probably used as protection against fungal or bacterial infection. Us humans have found ways of using these bioactive essential oils to deal with similar problems of defense against disease.

The term aromatherapy was first used in France in the 1930s, when Dr. Marguerite Maury began her health and beauty treatments with essential oils.

There are 90 widely known essential oils that are commonly used for general candles, massage oil, therapeutic skin care, diffusers and spa products.

Some essential oils can help to alleviate pain and inflammation, and promote rapid healing of the skin.

Therapeutic Skin Care Oils

Oils often used for skin ailments are:

Lavender Oil Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and skin-regenerative properties.

German Chamomile Oil : Excellent for reducing pain and inflammation.

Tea Tree Oil: Prevention and cure bacterial infection.

Myrrh : Anti-inflammatory, promotes skin repair.

Ailments :

Insect bites, stings, small burns, cuts and abrasions

If need immediate treatment. The oils can be applied directly to the skin without diluting in vegetable oil. In case you happen to be allergic to them, in which case try Sandalwood.

Itch dry skin also respond well to the anti-inflammatory oils mentioned above. You may want to consult with your dermatologist if you have eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis.


Allergic Reactions : Do a test patch first when using oils directly on the skin. If you experience any irritation, wipe off with vegetable oil and flush the area with cold running water.

Regardless of use, always keep safety in mind. Always strictly follow the manufacturer’s use and safety instructions.

If a cut or burn is larger than 1-2cm long, seek medical advice rather than treating the condition yourself.

Burning Essential Oils Living Room

Burning essential oils in the living room is an excellent way of deterring unwanted energy. Collecting various aromas, such as floor cleaners, furniture polish and everyday traffic, the living room is predominantly the most active room in the house. Therefore, the room must be cleansed often to retain a harmonious space for you and your family to enjoy.

Essential oils create a pleasant atmosphere making your home more welcoming as it beautifies both by scent and décor.

Using lace or decorative fabrics to make opulent appliqué cushions, you can make a plain room lavishing and delightful. These lightly scented, handmade cushions are ideal for both formal and informal living rooms.

Just be weary of overpopulating your room with cushions. They are meant to merely accent your furniture and allow those who use them to be comfortable. Too much is too good, just enough is perfect.

Here’s a helpful hint for open fireplaces and wood scent lovers, by simply sprinkling a few drops of essential oils scent “Spruce” on a log before lighting it, you can experience the freshness of wood with a touch of fruit.

The scent is calming to the nerves and encourages communication, much like our childhood memories, spending family time huddled by the fire.

You may also add a few drops of essential oils to pine or fir cones placed in a basket near the fire; the scent is release as the room warms.

Another option is to use scented candle waxed dipped pinecones to start your fire. By doing so, your favorite scents quickly fill the room, relaxing both you and your family, or special guests who will of course ask for your scented secrets.

Hypnosis for Stress and Anxiety


You have been taught, or educated to show anxiety in certain ways. How exactly did you learn this? The same way you have learned all things, by copying those around you, namely parents, siblings, extended family, teachers, television, babysitters and on and on.

Each time you came in contact with others, especially when you were young and forming habits, there was the potential to learn their ways.


Let's take a look at blushing as an example. This is not an easy thing to learn, yet children DO learn it by watching the significant people in their lives.

The process of blushing involves opening individual blood vessels in the face area while not opening others in the body. Some people learn to open the blood vessels in the neck along with those of the face, depending on what they were taught by example. With some, the ears are even involved.

The triggers that begin the process are also learned. Some families blush every time they speak. Others only blush when in front of groups, whether speaking or not. It's as individual as people.

There are may people who say that individuals cannot control the autonomic responses, for example heart rate, blood pressure, and constriction and dilation of blood vessels. But, anyone who blushes has done just that. They learned how and are able to do it, even when they most often wish they didn't!

It is learned by children and if a child is never exposed to blushing, will not be able to blush when grown up.

The great news out of this is that, if it's been learned, it can be changed. By learning some anxiety relieving methods and how to relax to a lovely level in self-hypnosis, this and many other irritating habits can be eliminated.

What Else Have You Learned?

If it's possible to learn to dilate blood vessels when blushing, what else have you learned to do that you have believed is out of your control.

  • Most stage fright has been learned, and therefore can be changed.

  • The way you express (or don't express) emotions has been learned.

  • Your attitudes toward food, family members and authority have been learned.

  • Some fears (flying, spiders, thunderstorms, etc.) have been learned.

  • Habits, such as biting nails, poor sleep, eating when you're not hungry, etc.

  • Even shyness has been learned.
How to Change

When something has been learned, it becomes a habit. Habits are a necessary part of our life. How would you ever get through a day, if you had to think about everything that you did? You would be stuck at the four-year old level of thinking-your-way-through getting dressed, bringing a spoon to your mouth, tying shoes and all the other duties that adults simply perform as a habit. And you know how slow 4-year olds can be!

So, we need habits. But what can you do when you want to change a habit?

The sub-conscious mind is where habits are stored, so you must access the sub-conscious to make the change. And that is exactly what hypnosis is: accessing the sub-conscious mind.
Effects of Anxiety
The result of holding on to anxiety is an increase in adrenaline, a powerful hormone which can effect your intestines, eyes, bladder and bowels. It can also effect metabolic activities such as digestion and reproduction. Immune function can be altered and of course certain muscles being tensed can cause discomfort or pain.

Stress held in the body for long periods can cause illness and burnout conditions.


The great news is that anxiety can be lessened. It is possible to re-learn ways of responding and to choose healthier ways of meeting life's challenges. The use of self-hypnosis itself is very calming and very relaxing. Many people find that just going into self-hypnosis is enough to give some relief.

Once you have learned the process, then begin to give yourself suggestions for your specific anxiety.

It is very possible to use these methods in your own home with complete success.

Fast Food Counter-Intelligence with Self-Hypnosis

New Habit

Self-hypnosis is all about changing unwanted habits. But, how about creating a new habit of fast food counter-intelligence to totally dispel the million dollar ad campaigns directed at your waistline.

So here's a quick method to neutralize the commercials, jingles, billboards and full-page food ads. As soon as you see or hear one, say:

"Who do you think you're fooling?"

Say it to yourself or out loud for even better results. You can change it to suit your style.

"You're not fooling me!"

Use something shorter like:

"Jinx!" or


You could even come up with your own jingle to sing back to the advertisers:

"I deserve my health today."

Do it every time you are "pitched to" by the fast food giants and soon your automatic reaction will be to reject the lure of the food and beverage industry.
This Time it's Personal
Remember, you don't read the paper or watch T.V. because you're looking for something to eat. You do it for information or a little entertainment. The advertisers are infringing into your personal space. And they are bringing their personal agenda.

Now you have your own campaign to make those words and images fizzle away before they ever reach you.
Ad-people use Hypnosis
The sub-conscious mind is the home of habits, emotions and long-term memory. Whenever you feel emotions strongly, you are in your sub-conscious mind and are therefore suggestible.

Advertisers are very aware of that fact and use it extensively. They tell you that you deserve it (whatever they are pitching). Most people feel that very dearly.

"Yes, I work hard every day and I DO deserve it."

Advertisers also use images of families having fun together (in their restaurant) and good-looking people to catch our emotions. When we "buy into" a picture (feel or imagine that we feel what they are feeling), we're in the sub-conscious.

Once we have bought into the emotion, they tell us the special of the week and we had better hurry in before the special ends. And a lot of people do just that.
Combine this fast food counter-intelligence strategy with the techniques of self-hypnosis for real change.

The only true and lasting method of weight loss is change of habits. (We've known for decades that diets don't work.) With self-hypnosis that is exactly what you are doing--changing your habits to support your goal of a healthy, trim body.

Sleep Improvement

Can't Sleep

The suggestions for sleep improvement given here are for those who have occasional trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Please have a thorough check up by your doctor if you suspect any serious condition is interfering with your sleep. These conditions should be taken seriously. Always follow your doctor's advise.

If you have chronic feelings of sadness which interfere with sleep, read about one man's journey to wellness.

Sleep Like a Baby

Think back, if you are able, to a time in your past ... maybe the distant past... to when you were a child. You woke up every morning eager to explore the world. You woke refreshed and full of energy because you had slept deeply and comfortably.

Many adults forget that they have the ability to sleep deeply... and allow the body to recharge, store memories and prepare for the next day.

Is it possible to get back what you knew instinctively as a child? The answer is "YES".

Barring any serious condition that could be affecting sleep, many cases are simply allowing a bad habit (or a few bad habits) to affect they way you breathe and relax. As well, you may have come to believe that you do not have the ability to sleep deeply and peacefully.

"It's my age." "It's my job." "I'm just like my Uncle Fred."
Bad Habits

Begin now to change your belief, overcome those bad habits and you will notice sleep improvement.

  • During self-hypnosis you slow your breathing down to a slow, steady rhythm that actually promotes relaxation.

  • By relaxing to this wonderful level you are able to achieve stress relief.

  • And during self-hypnosis you give yourself the suggestions that you need to create deep sound sleep.

Suggestions begin a chain of reactions that result in the behavior you want. In self-hypnosis:

  • Suggestions become beliefs.

  • Beliefs become feelings.

  • Feelings become attitudes.

  • Attitudes become behavior.

Natural Cycle

Sleep is a natural cycle of life, so important to good health. Many, many people sleep wonderfully at every age and stage of their lives (even if their Uncle Fred didn't!) and you can too.

Commit to following the suggestions given here for sleep improvement and look throughout the rest of the site to gain a better perspective on how you may have come to believe what you believe. Let me know how you are making out on the Contact Us page. I would love to hear from you.

Suggestions Become Beliefs in Self-Hypnosis

Confidence Levels

Before using suggestions in self-hypnosis to raise your confidence, let's take a look at how confidence levels are determined. This usually happens very early in life.

There is a natural order of events that leads to a behavior. Natural, because it happens to all of us, we don't even know it's happening. Guess what the first step is. Suggestion, just what we've been talking about all along.

Who is Suggestible?

Everyone. Children, because they don't have the experience or the information to think critically. And adults, because whenever your focus is narrowed, you enter the sub-conscious. And of course the sub-conscious (sometimes called the child's mind) accepts suggestions.

Advertisers are very aware of this fact and use it regularly in their campaigns to get you to buy their product. They tell you that it will improve your life and that you "deserve" to be satisfied in whatever way the product works. This begins a chain of events ending in you going out and buying the product.

Have you ever bought an item and then, after getting it home, wondered what you were thinking? I have.
The Chain

Suggestions that are accepted become beliefs.

Someone you trust and admire said, "You are a great dancer." Since you trust that person, you believe it. (As an adult, the "critical" conscious mind is at work, but you base your belief on the fact that this person is trustworthy.)

Beliefs become Feelings.

Again it's a natural and automatic flow. If you believe that you are a great dancer, you will have the successful feelings of a great dancer.

Feelings then become attitude.

The successful feeling becomes a confident attitude. You are unafraid to ask women to dance. (You only hope they can keep up with you!)

Attitudes become behavior.

You will dance often. At weddings and parties you rarely miss an opportunity to float across the floor.

Negative Suggestions
Let's look at the same sequence, but this time with a negative suggestion. A child is told, "Don't be so stupid."

Suggestions become beliefs.

Since the child hasn't developed a filtering mechanism to block suggestions, it is accepted and automatically becomes a belief.

Beliefs become feelings.

What would this child be feeling? Sad, unloved, rejected.

Feelings become attitude.

His attitude becomes "Why should I even try." (Remember, he believes that he is stupid, so what's the point in trying.)

Attitude becomes behavior. He won't study for tests or put any effort into projects because he already "knows" that he won't succeed.

The saddest part of this example is: the child is not stupid. There are no stupid people. We all have talents and we all have abilities.

However, as long as he believes it, it is true for him.

He will make all decisions based on that belief. What courses will he choose in school? The ones with no future. What type of work will be pursue? A dead-end job. He will make stupid decisions about drugs, alcohol and a partner in life.
Two Scenarios
Can you see how this natural order of events effects people in the following circumstances?

A son (let's call him Charlie) is born to a very successful author and his charming wife, who happens to be a well known surgeon.

The adults are very busy but they make sure that they have time every day to spend with the boy and to encourage him in all of his endeavours. They speak kindly to him and to each other. Charlie watches (also a suggestion) how his parents put a lot of effort into their work, and also into their private lives.

What is Charlie going to believe about himself? What will his feelings be, his attitude and behavior?

Now let's imagine the same boy, Charlie, is born into a different family. The father is involved in drugs and alcohol and rarely takes his eyes off the T.V. His mother works long hours at Wal-Mart trying to make ends meet and is so tired when she gets home that she has no time for Charlie. When he asks to do something with her she shouts at him to leave her alone. He learns very early not to go near his father because sometimes he's very friendly and helpful and other times he gives Charlie a cuff on the side of the head just for walking into the room.

What is Charlie going to believe about himself this time? You can imagine, I am sure, how the feelings, attitude and behavior will be different this time.

But remember, this was the same person in both examples. The only difference was the suggestions given to him through the way he was treated.

Too Late?

It is never too late. Wherever you are in your life, whatever your situation, you can change your beliefs. Start with some positive suggestions to give yourself. Learn self-hypnosis and repeat them there.

The situation that you faced in the past that resulted in feelings of inadequacy and unwise decisions has no hold on you once you:

  • First, realize how the mind works and
  • Second, start to change the chain beginning with appropriate suggestions.

A Little Story

I wonder if you have heard of Babe Ruth. Most people recognize the name and associate it with home runs. Babe Ruth is still considered one of the best baseball players in American history.

But, most people do not know the whole story.

He surely did get a lot of home runs, but he also had one of the highest strike-out records. When Babe Ruth came to the plate, he was there to play ball, the best way he know how. He swung at every pitch that came near the plate. He didn’t wait to be walked. He wanted a hit and he wanted to knock it out of the park.

So, he struck out a lot. But, he also got a lot of home runs and when we hear the name Babe Ruth, nobody remembers the strike outs. We think ‘home runs’ and we think “one of the best players on record”.

Most people admire those who try, those who put forth an honest effort.

Be like Babe Ruth. Swing hard every time you come to the plate, forget the strike-outs and go for the home run every time.

Self-Hypnosis Weight Loss

Diet v.s. Self-Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis weight loss works for permanent weight loss. We have known for decades that diets DON'T work. When following a diet, as soon as the goal is met, the diet is discarded and the weight comes back on. Some people live their lives in this constant cycle: diet, rebound....

There is a permanent way to weight loss. By permanently changing your habits with self-hypnosis, the goal is achieved and maintained. And the REALLY good news is: you don't need will power. When the change is made in the sub-conscious part of the mind, will power is not even necessary.

People are constantly saying "That was just so easy!" when the change is made in the sub-conscious.

Healthy Weight

Please read this sentence carefully: There are many healthy weights for your body type. Ask your doctor what a healthy weight is for you or calculate your body/mass index (it shows a range of healthy weights for your body type and height). If you have more than 20 pounds to loose, have a thorough check-up before beginning.

Just as you will be learning to resist the scams of the food and beverage industry, you will also learn to withstand the tough sell of the "body image" industry.

You want a healthy weight. You want to be able to enjoy doing all of the activities that you love, with ease, while getting all of the nutrients that your body requires to perform those activities. With self-hypnosis weight loss, you will find the right balance.

Use the methods described in problem solving to create a great affirmation. Substitute your personal reasons and issues to make it real and significant for you and your own situation.

Begin with a Question

As with any goal, the first question you have to ask is "Do I want to change?" If you answer is "yes", then self-hypnosis weight loss is an easy, reliable (and FREE!) method of making that change. If your answer is "no", use self-hypnosis to give yourself some general positive affirmations. A boost to your self-confidence may be all you need to change that "no" to "YES".

Strategic Plans

I wonder how much money is spent on advertising to convince people like you and me to consume items that ruin our health. How do they do it? (After all, we are fairly intelligent people!) They tap into our emotions (sub-conscious) by telling us that we "deserve" it.

So what they've done is hypnotized us into believing their campaign. Suggestions given to the sub-conscious become beliefs. From there they tell us to "hurry in" to get the special deal of the week.

What's needed is a fast food counter intelligence strategy for weight loss. You are going to overcome the multi-million dollar ad campaign with your most powerful tool--your sub-conscious mind.

You may have also believed that returning to a healthy weight is difficult and takes a lot of attention to counting and charting. With self-hypnosis weight loss, you are able to keep it simple. Two or three minutes twice a day is all that is required to reach your goal.

And since your goal is health, then the natural and most logical place to begin weight loss is to cut empty calories first. Would you pay to fill up your car with gas that promised zero miles per gallon? No way! Would you purchase a book by your favourite author if the pages were blank? Of course not! In the same way, with self-hypnosis weight loss, you will reject foods that have no nutritional value.

Health Tips

For some good general tips on healthy living and eating check out Top 25 Health Tips from Natural Health Girl. (Don't worry. They work for guys too!)

A Little Story

Allow me to tell you a little story.

A young woman with a baby found herself fleeing her home as the enemy approached to burn her village to the ground. She found an elderly man also trying to escape, so together they made their way towards the mountains where they hoped to find safely.

At the foot of the mountains they were able to join a large group of people also looking for freedom from the fighting. The leader of the group told the man and young woman that they were welcome to join them. Everyone agreed to take turns carrying the baby, but the adults would have to keep up on their own. It was simply too dangerous to slow down the whole group.

So they began the ascent up the rocky mountainside. It was a difficult climb, carefully picking their way through the boulders and sheer cliffs.

At one point, the young woman looked back to see the old man sinking to his knees. She hurried back to help him, but he told her to just leave him. He said that he wasn't able to go on any further.

So the woman rejoined the group, found her baby and brought the baby to the man on the side of the pathway.

"It's your turn to carry the baby."

With that she handed the baby over, turned around and began to climb again. After what seemed like an eternity, she glanced over her shoulder and saw the old man picking his way carefully through the rocks, carrying the precious bundle.

Get moving

There are times in life when it's an advantage to "carry the baby". If you feel like you are sitting on the side of the road, perhaps it's time to start moving toward your goal with self-hypnosis weight loss. Imagine yourself taking the first step toward your goal of healthy living. Imagine the looks of admiration on the faces of those around you when they realize what you are accomplishing.

It is possible to change your habits and let the world see the fantastic human being that you are on the inside.

Cut Empty Calories

It is Possible

Find out that it is possible to cut empty calories. It doesn't matter how long you have had a bad habit, it can be changed with the power of your own mind! Since the sub-conscious mind is where your habits are stored, then the sub-conscious is where you need to do the necessary work to change the habit.

An empty Box

Just for a moment imagine two boxes in front of you.

One is wrapped beautifully with matching paper and ribbon, all of the folds in the paper are perfect and the bow is huge with those little curly ribbons bouncing all around and matching with the paper and ribbon. What a sight to behold. If it's this beautiful on the outside, just imagine what lies hidden inside!

The other is quite plain... just a box with a lid. There's probably nothing inside either.

That's exactly the way many people choose their food. The eye is the decider. But, let's go a little further with our story of the boxes. Let's look inside.

The beautiful, eye appealing box is empty.
The plain cardboard box is filled with all sorts of wonderful and helpful things that you need.

Now consider that you have seen this happen before. Many times. And today the two boxes are set in front of you again. Which do you choose?

Foods and drinks that you consume that have no nutritional value (no, you can't count sugar as value!) are said to be empty. Often they look appealing, just like the beautiful box, but the inside is void.

Things that fall into this category are

  • pop

  • candy

  • most cookies, cakes and deserts

  • most snack foods

How would you come up with a suggestion to give yourself in self-hypnosis to cut empty calories? Suggestions for this particular issue could be worded in a couple of different ways.

"I eat only healthy foods."
"I eat treats only for special occasions."
"I make food choices based on knowledge."

If you like the analogy of the boxes you could even say,

"I always choose food in plain boxes."

Make the suggestion to suit your situation and the one that you know will work for you.
Go into Self-Hypnosis
When you have a suggestion that suits your style, then go into self-hypnosis. Follow the instructions for specific techniques and then deepen as necessary to attain a good level. Then simply repeat the suggestion to yourself for two or three minutes and bring yourself out again.

And know that suggestions given to the sub-conscious mind become beliefs. Beliefs become feelings. Feelings become attitudes. Attitudes become behaviour. Simply by giving yourself the appropriate suggestions, your behaviour will begin to change.

You are able to cut the empty calories and begin a new habit that reflects where you want to be at this time of your life.