Spiritual Visualization

What is it?

Spiritual visualizations are simply little stories that you tell yourself that include images of God, for example "light". They are told in ways that use the senses. This makes it more real. You are actually feeling the things described, hearing and even seeing (if you are visual) all of the details of the scene.

It can be very comforting and even healing to experience this. And healing only comes from one Source.

People preparing for surgery or who are going through difficult times find spiritual visualizations especially helpful, but why not use this technique frequently to get in touch with your spiritual centre.


Use these as a samples or make up your own with images that are meaningful to you. It's not necessary to be in self-hypnosis for this, but you may get the feelings more profoundly if you are. Using a spiritual visualization can help to deepen self-hypnosis also, so you can use it before saying your affirmations.

I am sitting in a lovely, calm meadow. There are tall green trees all around me and I can smell the woodsy scent of grass, earth and trees. I feel safe in this place. I am becoming aware of a protective shield all around me, in front, behind, to both sides, above and below me. I am totally protected by this shield. And now the shield is filling with pure white light. This pure healing light also infiltrates my physical body, now shining inside my body and outside my body. I feel loved.

I am walking down a path which is leading right into the sun. As I continue on the path a dove flies near and I can hear the flutter of his wings and the gentle "coo" of his soothing song. The path leads to a spring of cool water and I kneel down a bring a handful of the thirst-quenching water to my mouth. I sprinkle a few drops on my face and head to refresh myself. I feel rested and refreshed.

I am walking through the middle of a desert. I feel the hot wind on my face and see sand stretching away from me in all directions. I suddenly notice a rock nearby and water is gushing out making streams within the desert. Green grass and trees spring up around the sides of the streams. I sit in the shade of a young shrub and watch as the wild animals come to quench their thirst. As I listen to the songs of birds singing among the branches, I feel protected and cared for.

I am surrounded by thick, velvety darkness. I hear sounds coming from a distance of fierce animals and begin to fear for my life. Now I notice a light beginning to glow and as it continues to glow and grow, it now drives out every last particle of darkness and fear. I feel only peace and rest.


Use images that are meaningful to you and find a visualization that is unique to you. You are the only one who knows what is meaningful for you. For some, nature is very important. For others, bread and wine or candles could be used. You may imagine climbing to the top of a mountain or resting in the hollow of God's hand.

I hope that you find this technique comforting.