Art Therapy

Art, and generally being creative helped me along the way to recovery from anorexia, and I am certain that it can help others too - not only those suffering from eating disorders, but from any form of stress or depression.

Shortly after beginning my cognitive behavior therapy sessions, I discovered a new hobby.

It started with my playing around with craft knives and bolsa wood, but quickly became a full-blown passion for working with wood, and bigger and better tools.

I began by making abstract sculptures by feeling my way through and around the wood, and allowing my emotions to guide me. It was incredibly exciting to see the results of pure passion in those creations which I, alone, had achieved.

Along with the excitement of this creativity itself, I began to experience a real sense of peace and calm, and a new self-awareness began to poke through. Click here for information about art therapy and some of the people who are helped by art therapists. I continued to learn for a few years, exploring the wood, and the things I could do with it. It was a tremendous de-stresser, allowing me to cope with a job which I didn't enjoy, being a single, working mother, and the stresses and strains of everyday life.

After a while, I started to sell a few of my sculptures, and my work was really starting to improve.

I began to realize that this was more than therapy for me. It was what I really wanted to do. I wasn't enjoying teaching anymore, and the yearning to do something creative, and earn from it was becoming overwhelming.

The stress of doing something day in, day out, that I didn't enjoy, was affecting my health and happiness, and most importantly, my relationship with my son.

I now exhibit my sculptures locally and am successfully selling them. I've also been doing a lot of photography and exhibit my photos too.

Work forms a large part of our lives, and it is so important to enjoy it and have scope for movement forward. We each have our own special talents and gifts and we all have the right, and perhaps even a responsibility, to find these, and offer them to the world.

I think it is safe to say that we all have a creative genius within us, and that to nurture this is to cure ourselves of all that ails us.

Whether this is takes the form of an eating disorder, depression, boredom, or just general discontent with our lives, art can perform miracles for us all.

What are brainwaves

It is impossible to overestimate the power of alpha state meditation.The alpha state is often referred to as the Super Learning state by educators, or as The Zone by athletes, or The Groove by musicians and artists.Below you can see how our brainwaves work and the physical changes that occur during alpha state meditation.

What are brainwaves?

Brainwaves are the rhythmic fluctuations of voltage between parts of the brain which result in the flow of an electric current. In short, electrical activity in our brains vibrates at a certain frequency.

Neuroscientists have discovered five main kinds of brainwave states. These are known as alpha, beta, gamma, delta and theta.

Each brainwave state represents a certain frequency range. The frequency of our brainwave determines the state of consciousness we are in, which in turn leads to the resulting kind of emotions and mental functions that are at work within us.

All five brainwave states exist at varying amounts in different parts of your brain. Your brainwave state is determined by the dominant brainwaves that are active in your head at any given moment.Brain waves are measured in hertz (Hz) – a measure of frequency defined as the number of events occurring per second.At the moment, we just need to look at two of these brainwave states – alpha, and beta.

Lets look at Beta first.The frequency range of beta is between 13 - 25 Hz.

Beta Waves

From the scientific evidence, it seems that most people, whilst not meditating, are in a ‘beta state.’ This represents ‘normal consciousness’ – where attention is focused on daily, physical reality.When we are in beta state, it appears that our mood is highly affected by external stimuli, and that the frequency of the waves slow down or speed up according to what is happening around us.Beta frequencies are associated with the fight or flight state.

They occur during intense thought and also when we are scared or agitated.In short, it appears that when in a beta state, we are not in tune with our inner selves, and are simply in ‘reaction mode.’

Although we need the beta state for survival, we tend to over use it – reacting defensively to situations, as though they were life or death, when it would be more appropriate to be non confrontational and calm.

It is unhealthy to spend too much time in beta. If we dwell too long in this state,we become drained by mental negativity, anger and fear.

That's why it is so helpful to learn how to practice alpha state meditation.

The frequency range of alpha is much slower. This slower frequency can be seen when we are in an alpha state meditation.Lets look at alpha now.

Alpha waves

The frequency of alpha waves typically range from 8 – 12 Hz.Alpha is the state that people are typically in when meditating. It is associated with a feeling of calm awareness, and when we are in alpha state, we are more in tune with our inner selves and less affected by external circumstances.

Because we are relaxed when in alpha state meditation, we find it easier to learn, to be creative, and to access our inner consciousness.A lot of research has been done on the benefits of the alpha state. It has been found that when we are in alpha, healing takes place naturally and the conscious mind is relaxed.

The tension in our bodies disappears. We gain access to our higher selves, and our self - awareness increases, allowing us to work effectively on our self - development.

Our psychic abilities are awakened. We become more sensitive to the energy flow creating our feelings.We are more able to clear our minds of clutter and focus on visualizing where we are going, what we want and to bring this about in our lives.So, we could say that when in beta state, the doors of perception are closed, while when in alpha, they are open.

Beck depression test

If you think you may be suffering from depression, you can easily find out by taking a beck depression test

The Beck depression test is fun and educational. They help you to become aware of what may be causing you unhappiness, and also help you to decide on steps you can take to improve your life and your self-esteem.

What is depression?

In a nutshell, we feel depressed when our needs are not met. More and more of us are finding that it is difficult to meet our most basic needs in our modern, hectic society, when we are so busy and have so many conflicting interests and responsibilities that we rarely have time to stop and consider what we want or need from life in order to be happy.

Depression symptoms arise from the conflict between the way in which we are living and the way we would like to live.The symptoms vary in severity according to how great that difference is and how much we believe ourselves to be in control of changing that.

Depression symptoms can be greatly alleviated by changing our mindset, and believing that we can bring about the changes in our lives which would make us happier. Depression tests such as the Beck depression test can help us along the way.

This alleviation is furthered by us then putting those changes into action.

They are of course worsened when we feel that there is nothing we can do about them, and that changing our circumstances will not change the way we feel.

Depression is at the root of eating disorders.

The mindset of someone suffering from anorexia, bulimia or binge disorder is such that they believe the only way to be happy is to have control over food, weight and body shape.

Given the current predisposition of the fashion and the media to encourage thinness, this is not surprising. Added to this the proliferation of pro anorexic sites that encourage young women and even children to starve themselves, it is not surprising that so many fall prey to the myth that thinness=happiness.

Can you remember being faced by bullies at school?

That helpless feeling we have when we are bullied is pretty akin to how someone with an eating disorder feels all the time.

So many of us in our modern society give in to various forms of bullying without realizing we're doing so.

We stay in jobs where we are mistreated and badly paid - because we feel we should. We then spend all our hard earned money on the latest fashions because we feel we won't be accepted if we don't.I think if we all used depression tests such as the beck depression test more often, we would stop and think a lot more about where we are going.

We race along, trying desperately to conform to all the standards which society expects us to meet, and we never seem to stop.

We all need to conform to some extent. When we go too far and our lives revolve around 'shoulds' rather than the fulfillment of our needs, depression sets in.When eating disorders are viewed in context, as a symptom of depression, they become much easier to handle, for both the sufferer and loved ones.If you are suffering from an eating disorder, please use the Beck depression test.

There is a lot of other information there that can help too. If you are worried about someone who is depressed, you could ask them to take the Beck depression test, or look at it yourself and see if you think any of the tests apply to them.

Part of overcoming an eating disorder, as with any form of depression is the realization that you can't please all of the people all of the time, and that unless we can accept ourselves as we are we are unlikely to please anyone at all.

Those with depression have put pleasing others before their 'soul purpose' in life and have put their own needs on the back burner. If you think you may be doing this, the beck depression test can really help you decide.

Our real needs can never be met by harming or depriving ourselves. The anorexic or bulimic believes that by losing weight, they make themselves immune to criticism, and will be more likely to gain the approval, understanding and protectiveness they need from those in their lives.

Those with binge disorder and/or bulimia believe that they can keep pain and harm caused by negativity around them at bay by gaining the comfort they so sorely need from food.

This just can't work. Food is to sustain us and to provide pleasure to our taste buds.

People are for comfort, but if we are to truly value ourselves, we must take responsibility for allowing the right people into our lives who are able to offer us what we need.

Depression symptoms, in short, are caused by our attending to false needs instead of real ones.The way through is to accept that they are part of a state of mind, which any of us can fall prey to, but which we can all, with commitment and self-belief, escape from.

How Yoga may help sufferers of Anorexia and other Eating Disorders

When people embark on therapy for eating disorders, emphasis will obviously be place on cutting down the amount of exercise being done.

So you may well ask, as this is a site about recovering from eating disorders, why I have included a section on yoga.

For sure, when I first began my therapy, my therapist showed concern about the amount of exercise I was doing. She did, however, advocate that I kept up the yoga that I had recently begun, as she thought that it would help me to feel good about myself.

I have to admit that, in the beginning, when I first started to practice yoga, that I used it as an aid to losing weight and gaining that 'perfect body.'

Now, however, I employ it as part of my everyday routine to stay healthy and happy.

There's no doubt that exercise - when it's the right type, the right amount, and done for the right reasons, is beneficial for our overall health.

The important thing is where you're coming from - what you're trying to achieve.

Yoga, like anything, is a tool. You can use that tool for good or for bad.

I used to use it for bad - I hated myself, and any exercise I did was to punish myself in the name of controlling my body. That's what an eating disorder is - self-punishment.

Now I do yoga in the way it's meant to be done - to enhance my life, to help me to keep a balanced perspective on the other things going on in it.

As with all ancient practices, yoga has the power to do that - but only if you really want it to, and work with it, not against it.

Yoga is love-based - designed to enhance our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well being, not to denigrate it.

In fact, so is all exercise, but in this modern day and age, far more money is made from telling us that we 'should' exercise in order to 'beautify' ourselves than it is from telling us that it's good just to enjoy what we're doing, and that, hey - we can actually feel better (I mean in a real sense) by doing so.

When yoga is done for the right reasons - for the reasons it was created, it is an incredibly therapeutic and beneficial form of 'exercise' to add to our lives.

So What is Yoga?
Yoga, in general, is a spiritual practice or discipline that helps the individual unify his/her body, mind, and heart.

Yoga is a direct experience of the vast interrelatedness of all life and of all things. Peace is gained at the end of a yoga session because there is a natural realignment of your body which leads to a natural realignment of your perception of life and of who you are.

Persistence at yoga helps us to find out who we are, to really connect with ourselves, and can even lead to real spiritual awakening.

Practice and perseverance with yoga leads us to change our breathing habits, lifestyles, habits, attitudes and our outlook. Material possessions become less and less important, and as they do so, our capacity for joy and inner freedom becomes greater.

A recent study published in Psychology of Women Quarterly, found that mind-body exercise, such as yoga, is associated with greater body satisfaction and fewer symptoms of eating disorders than traditional aerobic exercise such as jogging or using cardio machines.

Yoga practitioners reported less self-objectification, greater satisfaction with physical appearance, and fewer disordered eating attitudes compared to non-yoga practitioners.

It seems that yoga is a means through which some women have been able to protect themselves against messages which tell them that we have to be thin to be happy and successful.

With its emphasis on correct breathing, balance, strength, stamina, stillness, mindfulness and flexibility, the yogic system offers a seemingly unparalleled opportunity to heal negative body image.
The yogic system identifies eating disorders as a problem related to the first chakra.

Ten techniques for relaxation

These are my favourite ten techniques for relaxation.

Drink chamomile tea. I don't particularly like the taste so I flavour it with lemon or orange juice. There is no doubt that this tea has amazing calming properties.

Essential oils. We tend to take smells for granted and be unaware of how they affect us. But the smells around us have a powerful effect on our emotions. I have absolutely no doubt that some essential oils help me to relax. My favorites are ylang ylang and frankincense. Be careful with frankincense - it's effect is so relaxing it sometimes sends me to sleep!


Of all the ten techniques for relaxation described here, this is my favourite

.Meditation is often dismissed as wishy washy or pointless. It is far from either of these. Meditation is a powerful means of relaxation and of gaining self awareness.There is evidence, which proves beyond any doubt, that our emotional state is a direct result of the state of our brain waves, and that furthermore, those states are completely controllable by us.

This evidence shows that most of us in a beta state most of the time. Beta state basically means a state of fight or flight. We are in survival mode. When we are in beta for prolonged periods we do damage to our emotional, physical and psychological selves.

When we meditate, our brain waves alter to alpha state, a much slower state associated with calm awareness.

As a sculptor and photographer, my favourite of the ten relaxation techniques is creativity. This formed a large part of my recovery from anorexia.Human beings are naturally creative.

We tend to forget the creative dreams we have as children and content ourselves with admiring the work of others who have put their creativity into practice.And yet, the benefits of creating are phenomenal.

By expressing ourselves through art, we gain a sense of freedom, enhance our mood and increase our integrity by allowing our true selves and ideas to surface and materialize.

We become lighter and more content as we spend less time worrying about things that we cannot change, and we gain more energy for our true responsibilities.

Alpha state meditation

Alpha wave music has proved to be a powerful aid to achieving an alpha state of meditation. You can find some free alpha meditation music by clicking here This piece of music is one of my favorites. It's very powerful, so please don't drive or operate machinery whilst listening. You will benefit greatly from listening whilst you do the following meditation.

Alpha meditation

Relax and close your eyes...breathe deeply and concentrate on the sound of your and and out. Clear your mind and picture only a door...the door is red, and on that door is a red number seven. As you open the door you go into a red room...the walls are red, the ceiling is red...hanging on the walls is a red seven...

Walk through the room to the next door...that door is orange. On the door is an orange number six. As you open the door you walk into the orange room...the walls and ceiling are orange...and you see the orange six...

Walk through the room to the next door...that door is yellow. On the door is a yellow number five. Open the door and walk into the yellow room...yellow walls, yellow ceiling...and the yellow fives...

Continue through the room to the next is green. On the door is a green four. Open the door and walk into the green walls, green ceiling and green fours...

Walk to the next door...its color is blue. On the door is a blue number three. Open the door and walk into the blue walls, blue ceiling...and blue threes...

Keep going and go to the next is indigo. On the door is an indigo number two. Open the door and walk into the indigo room...the walls and ceiling are indigo...the number is two.

Walk to the next is violet. On the door is a violet number the door and walk into the violet room. The walls are violet, the ceiling is violet, and the number is one.

Count down further into alpha...ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and one.

This is the point that you arrive in alpha. You are now able to access your own knowledge and insight. You are in the perfect frame of mind for more meditation, positive affirmations, jotting down ideas that would improve your life, etc. When you have finished, clear away any remaining negative energy by picturing yourself as perfectly healthy and happy and smoothing your aura with your hands.Begin at the back of your neck, moving your hands over your head and then along your body in a downward motion.

Then count back up from one to ten.You will remain in a calm and balanced state, and can return to alpha state any time you wish.The more you practice, and spend time in alpha, the easier it will become for you to enter it, with or without the aid of meditation.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils May Help Sufferers of Anorexia, Bulimia and Other Eating Disorders

Aromatherapy comes from the words: Aroma - meaning smell, and Therapy - treatment. Aromatherapy essential oils were used by the most ancient civilizations and are reputed to be at least 6000 years old.

It is widely thought that the roots of this therapy are in Egypt. A medical papyri considered to date back to around 1555 B.C. contains remedies for all types of illnesses and the methods of application are similar to those used in herbal medicine today.

Aromatherapy essential oils are derived from natural plant essences to promote health and wellbeing.

Aromatherapy consists of the use of pure essential oils obtained from a wide assortment of plants, which have been steam distilled or cold-pressed from flowers, fruit, bark and roots.

Aromatherapy essential oils are good for both the mind and the body.

By opening up the olfactory nerve receptors in our nostrils, the aroma goes directly to the limbic system where memories, pleasures and emotions are stored.

The limbic system releases chemicals that affect the central nervous system. Every time you inhale a particular aromatherapy oil, a pleasurable emotional balancing dance occurs. Balance has great therapeutic effects on a stressed mind.

Aromatherapy is equally as good for the body. Some of the chemical properties of aromatherapy oils include cleansing, deodorizing, and balancing. Have you had an aromatic massage lately? It is fabulous, especially when you choose the scent you want.

Sufferers of anorexia nervosa and other eating disorders can benefit a great deal by awakening their sense of smell, and from the relaxation that aromatherapy essential oils bestow.

They can also benefit greatly from the calming, caring touch involved in an aromatherapy massage.

To learn more about aromatherapy essential oils, and how you can use them at home, click to visit Liani at aromatherapy-at-home. This is a fantastic resource for all things to do with aromatherapy, and you can even get free samples.Don't miss out!

I have personally found frankincense and ylang ylang to be very calming, and frankincense is great for helping to create the right mood for meditation - another great aid to recovery from any stress related disorder.

Essential oils are varied and all have different properties. They can also be used in a number of ways, from burning them in an oil burner, adding them to your bath, or adding them to a base oil such as almond and using them for massage.

Frankincense and ylang ylang are my favourites, but there are many others which are worth trying.

Here's a few, and their therapeutic effects:

  • Citrus - increases energy and happiness.
  • Lavender - brings relaxation and peace.
  • Jasmine and sandalwood - anti-depressant.

Please note that most essential oils should NEVER be applied undiluted to the skin. Many are capable of causing bad burns.

There are also some aromatherapy essential oils which should not be used on certain people, such as children and the elderly, or if you are pregnant or suffering from a particular health problem. Smell is an important part of all our lives, and the use of aromatherapy essential oils, especially used in conjunction with other complementary therapies, can help all of us to relax.

How holistic healing works

Learning how holistic healing works is fun!

Holistic healing is rewarding to learn, and the benefit to ourselves and others through our learning is beyond measure!

Imagine being able to make your loved ones feel great at the end of a stressful day by giving them an Indian head massage! Learn how to here - it's easy...and free!

How about enhancing the whole experience by using aromatherapy essential oils!
We, in the western world, tend to spend so much time on passive activities, like watching TV, or

engaging with our computers rather than with people. Could that be one of the reasons why so many of us suffer from stress related disorders?

I think so. People need people and we have so little time for each other in our hectic lives.

How holistic healing works is by treating the individual as a whole on all levels - mind, body and spirit.

Also known as alternative therapy or complementary medicine (CAM), holistic healing constitutes that stream of medicine which is prevalent in society but which is not recognized or authorized by the mainstream medical fraternity due to its want of scientific explanations.

What is known today as alternative therapy has a history that almost starts with history of human civilization itself.

Holistic healing marks the earliest and probably the most sustained efforts of humanity to diseases and ailments.

Indian Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine and many other forms of alternative therapy as health medicine had well evolved and developed even more than 6000 years ago.

How holistic healing works is by using methods rooted on the concept of balance between bodily energy and natural energy healing. They postulate that positive energy brings happiness and health, while negative energy debilitates the body and mind.

Control over mind, to avoid the accumulation of negative and harmful energies, was the central theme of many of these methods.

Through their careful study of nature and natural products, these traditional and complementary schools of alternative therapies were also able to use various herbs and natural products in treatment of different diseases.

These therapies addressed the underlying cause of the disease by encouraging lifestyle changes, self-care and preventive strategies, rather than simply suppressing symptoms.

Because such therapies focus on the person as a whole, they are great for anyone suffering from any degree of stress.

I think that it would be beneficial for us all to try to include some knowledge of holistic healing as a normal part of our lives, as a means of nurturing our spiritual, emotional and physical selves, and of showing love and care, both to ourselves and to our loved ones.We can't all be holistic practitioners, and many alternative therapies take years to learn.We can learn the basics, however, of therapies such as massage, aromatherapy and bach flower remedies and incorporating this knowledge into our lives can only enrich them.

Craniosacral Therapy

It seems that anorexia and other eating disorder sufferers may benefit from craniosacral therapy.

The craniosacral system is the governing system of the body. It works on a physical and cellular level, but in its essence it actually operates at the deeper level of mind, body and spirit, and is therefore able to alleviate emotional and psychological disturbances.

Cerebrospinal fluid flows around the brain and can be subject to blockages.

A craniosacral practitioner is able to 'listen' through his or her hands to the flow of this fluid and thereby identify a blockage.

The blockage can then be removed by craniosacral massage, allowing the fluid to flow more easily.

The treatment is intended to assist the body's own self governing and self healing abilities.

Craniosacral therapy could decrease the pain of physical symptoms in a sufferer of an eating disorder. As the discomfort decreases, the patient would be able to focus on the psychological and experiential components of her eating disorder.

The therapy would reduce stress, anxiety, fear and restlessness, and allow the balance of mind and body to be restored.

Trust, and the growth of self esteem could then be encouraged.

However, it is important to remember that any such therapies are only aids to recovery, and must be combined with the correct psychological treatment, such as cognitive behavior therapy.

Eating Disorders - How Full Body Massage Can Help

Not only for those with eating disorders, full body massage is beneficial for everybody.

All types of massage are a great way to help us relax and forget about work, stress, and what is going on around us.

The benefits of full body massage are rewarding for your body and also your health. It improves health by acting directly on the bodies muscular, nervous, circulatory and immune systems.

Massage therapy is aimed to:- develop and maintain your physical function.- Relax tense muscles.- Relieve or prevent physical dysfunction and pain.- Improve circulation and immune system functionality.- Reduce stress.- Relax the mind- Improve blood flow- Increase overall feeling of well-being

For those suffering from eating disorders, massage is a wonderful form of therapy. The care and attention shown by the masseur boosts self-esteem, and allows the sufferer to connect with her body.

Individuals using massage report lower anxiety levels and improved body image.

Although it can't be said to be a 'cure', used alongside the proper psychological therapy, it is certainly beneficial because of its relaxing effect.
As with any type of massage, full body massage is a time consuming and tactile expression of care, and the psychological benefits of being shown that level of care have a very positive influence.That, added to the obvious physical benefits, would, combined with a generally loving and fun atmosphere, work towards the prevention of a child or woman developing anorexia or any similar disorder

Eating Disorders - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

There is no doubt that eating disorders can be greatly alleviated with cognitive behavioral therapy.

cognitive behavioral therapy helps the sufferer of, for example, anorexia, and many other people, to gain a sense of control over her life, by breaking what seem like insurmountable problems into manageable chunks, which the patient can work on one at a time.

By making sense of them in this way, the sufferer can see how they are connected, and how they affect her. The smaller parts that these problems are broken down into are:

* A Situation - a problem, event or difficult situation From this can follow:

* Thoughts

* Emotions

* Physical feelings

* Actions

All of these are interconnected. How you think about a problem can affect how you feel physically and emotionally. It can also alter what you do about it.

Someone who is suffering from an eating disorder thinks about events from a skewed perspective - one which reinforces her already low self-esteem.

For example, a teacher, with a healthy level of self-esteem, is told by a student one day that his lessons are boring.

Although he may take this on board in the sense that perhaps he realizes that he may need to add a little something to his classes, he will also be aware that this may also be a failing in the student's ability, for example, to concentrate sufficiently.

Somebody suffering from an eating disorder, however, is likely to have the instant reaction of feeling that she's a terrible teacher...not only that, but a terrible bore, and how can she expect anyone to enjoy her lessons, or even want to be around her in a social situation.

A vicious circle begins. The negative thought creates a negative emotion, for example, a feeling of worthlessness. This creates a physical feeling such as nausea or stomach cramps.

All of these cause the sufferer to behave in a detrimental way - to withdraw or become defensive, for example.

This will elicit more negative reactions from other people, and so on and so on.

Cognitive behavioral therapy helps the sufferer of an eating disorder to identify and challenge these thought patterns, and to create new, healthy ones.

A good therapist will also help her to improve her relationship with herself and the significant others in her life.

She'll be encouraged, throughout her therapy, to be honest with herself about her own needs - her real needs - not the need she thinks she has - to starve herself!

Those suffering from eating disorders tend to objectify themselves. They use adjectives such as 'huge' and 'disgusting' to describe themselves, which are applicable to objects, not people.

Her therapist will begin by challenging those beliefs, and will then go on to discuss the real issues of her needs, and help her to find viable and healthy ways to go about fulfilling these.

As she progresses, she will begin to recognize, and just as importantly, accept, that she is responsible for making sure that she works towards fulfilling her real needs.

She may, at some point, become aware of her need for a creative outlet.

After about six months of cognitive behavioral therapy, I certainly became aware of this need myself, and began to sculpt, and then to focus on photography.
Any form of art is useful as an aid to recovery from an eating disorder

Anorexics and Bulimics may be helped with Homeopathy Remedies

Anorexics, bulimics and anybody suffering from an eating disorder may find that they are helped by the therapeutic effects of homeopathy remedies.

Like all complementary therapies, homeopathy treats the whole person, rather than the ailment, and can help the anorexic or bulimic to heal on many different levels.

Homeopathy involves treating the patient with a small dose of a natural substance which would, in a larger dose, cause the disease itself.

It is said to be highly effective as it treats the root of the ailment, not only the symptoms.

As with other complementary therapies, homeopathy is based on the principle that disease is a disturbance of the whole organism - that mind and body cannot be separated, and that an affliction which affects one must affect the other.

According to homeopathy, illness is caused by a disturbance in the life force, the vital energy of the body.

So even if a patient has a variety of ailments, a homeopath would not treat these separately, but would look for the common root of them all, and treat that.

Homeopathic remedies are said to be capable of influencing our state of mind.

They are said to be able to alleviate emotional emotional disturbance such as excessive anxiety, irritability, insecurity, obsessive traits, undue jealousy, suspicion (paranoid) fears, depression, neurosis etc.

In so doing, homeopathy is said to bring about a harmonious state of health.
With a view to those suffering from an eating disorder, it would seem that homeopathy may be a viable form of treatment.Its holistic approach is just what the anorexic or bulimic needs - to be treated as a whole person, and combined with a form of psychological treatment, could probably achieve great results.

To learn more about homeopathy, visit - a fantastic site offering genuine recommendations on all natural living products and solutions for your home that will make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Photography can consider as alternative therapy

The struggle against anorexia or any eating disorder is never easy, and can take a long time.

I mentioned on my art/sculpture page,how much working with wood has helped me to overcome an eating disorder.

I love photography too. I've always had a camera, and always been snap happy, which, in the days of film was expensive. Of course, digital photography doesn't involve developing, so I have a field day now.

The truth is that I've always wanted to be able to draw and paint, but I've never followed it up, and for me, photography goes a long way to fulfilling that creative need.

I think the thing with photography in relation to anorexia, or any anxiety based illness, is that looking through the lens gives you a different perspective on life.

You start to isolate items from their background, understanding how significant they are in isolation, but also how they need their natural background to give them their meaning and context.

It's the same with us when we think about it. We're different when we're on our own, but the truth is that we need our environment - other people in order to see ourselves as part of the wider world. (A friend of mine once said that we are like diamonds, and that every person we come into contact polishes a piece of that beautiful jewel).

We are part of that wider world, however isolated we may feel sometimes. That's in our heads, not in anybody else's.

Taking photographs is also exciting...and it gives you a sense of control and autonomy.

I think the taking up of time is an important part of this as well. Anything which we enjoy doing that helps to move us away from the physical actions such as binging or exercising, can only do us good.

And the truth is that there's so much free information on how to improve your photography on the net that becoming a pro is well within our reach.

I've been entering our stuff on internet competitions in the last few weeks, and I've even won a couple of prizes!
So get snap happy - it can only do you good!

Bach Original Flower Remedies

The Bach original flower remedies have been used all over the world since the 1930's.

They were created by Dr Edward Bach in the last years of his life.

The original Bach Flower Remedies is a system of 38 Flower Essences that corrects emotional imbalances: negative emotions are replaced with positive.

I think the list of Bach original flower remedies below is ideal for the eating disordered person.

I have used these myself and highly recommend them. Click here for some great advice on using Bach flower remedies to relieve stress


name"Vague unknown fears, for which there can be given no explanation, no reason. It is a terror that something awful is going to happen even though it is unclear what exactly. These vague inexplicable fears may haunt by night or day. Sufferers may often be afraid to tell their trouble to others." - Dr. Edward Bach


For those who feel the need to see more good and beauty in all that surrounds them. And, although much appears to be wrong, to have the ability to see the good growing within. So as to be able to be more tolerant, lenient and understanding of the different way each individual and all things are working to their own perfection." - Dr. Edward Bach


Very great hopelessness, they have given up belief that more can be done for them. Under persuasion or to please others they may try different treatments, at the same time assuring those around that there is so little hope of relief." - Dr. Edward Bach


For those who do not consider themselves as good or capable as those around them, who expect failure, who feel that they will never be a success, an so do not venture or make a strong enough attempt to succeed." - Dr. Edward Bach


"For those who blame themselves. Even when successful they think they could have done better, and are never satisfied with the decisions they make. Would this remedy help me to stop blaming myself for everything?" - Dr. Edward Bach

For more information about bach original flower remedies, please click here

Clicking the link above will take you to Clare Midgley's Balance Holistic Healthcare - a fantastic site with loads of information, and a large range of quality complementary health products, including the Bach flower remedies, of course!

Eating Disorders - How Chinese Acupuncture May Help

What is Acupuncture?

Chinese acupuncture is a medical practice where the body is pierced by fine needles at specific anatomic points (called acupoints or acupuncture points) for therapeutic purposes, to relieve pain or stress or produce regional anesthesia. Unlike the hollow hypodermic needles used in mainstream medicine to give injections or to draw blood, acupuncture needles are solid. The points can be needled between 15° and 90° relative to the skin's surface, depending on treatment.

Chinese Acupuncture has been one of the main forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system for at least last 5000 years. The philosophy of Acupuncture is based on the restoration of health by ensuring proper balance of energy and removing energy blockages in the body.

According to this philosophy a vital energy force ‘Qi’ (pronounced ‘chee’) permeates and passes through body and all the internal organs along specific pathways termed as meridian.

There are 12 major and 8 minor meridians.

Qi brings harmony in spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects of body by ensuring a balance between Yang and Yin. Yang is positive energy-symbolized by heat, activity, brightness and exterior.

While Yin is negative energy-represented by coldness, passivity, interiority, darkness etc. Acupuncture carefully balances these two energy source to produce the healing effect.

How Chinese Acupuncture May Help Sufferers of Eating Disorders

Chinese acupuncture stimulates the nervous system, blood circulation, blood pressure, secretion of gastric acids, rhythm and stroke volume of heart, and production of red and white blood cells.

It is also shown to stimulate the release of a variety of hormones in the body to that help overcome stress and injuries.

As stress and hormone imbalances are a major part of all eating disorders, it would seem that acupuncture could play a part in the alleviation the emotional suffering of a person who has one. Having suffered from anorexia, I am aware of a strong spiritual component to the disorder.

I used to feel a terrible emptiness and a yearning for something, but I never knew what that something was.

During my process of recovery, I began to become aware that my yearning was for myself - for the parts of myself to equal the sum.

I was not balanced, and there was no harmony between my mind, body and spirit.

I have always known that organized religion was not for me, and I had, for a long time already been interested in esoteric subjects.

I began, during the course of my therapy, to look more closely at these, to meditate more, use aromatherapy oils and became much more interested in applying holistic principles to my life in general.

Although I have never tried acupuncture, I have during the course of my research on its history and the principles behind it, come to think that it could be of some benefit to those suffering from eating disorders and any stress related disorder.

Those suffering from eating disorders have a very strong sense of imbalance within themselves. They are in an almost permanent state of fear and anxiety, and I believe that this is, in part due, to the fact that they are not in tune with the spiritual element of themselves.

I believe that any type of activity or therapy which helps an individual to gain greater access to the harmony necessary to be in touch with this aspect of themselves would be beneficial to a sufferer of an eating disorder.

Reiki therapy - a possible treatment for anorexia and other eating disorders

Reiki therapy is a wonderful form of relaxation and healing.

It not only helps with physical problems and illnesses, but also heals on an emotional level to ensure that physical problems caused by stress and emotional trauma do not return.

Based on the premise of a human energy field, reiki therapy seeks to restore balance and harmony to the body whose vital energy has become unbalanced.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a natural healing system which originated in Japan around 1900.It is made up to two Japanese words:

Rei, meaning a universal energy that operates outside the body, and Ki, a life force energy that flows inside the body.

Ki must flow freely around the body. If we have an emotional trauma or a physical illness, a blockage to this flow will occur, and illness will develop as a consequence of this disturbance.

During a treatment, the energy field of the person receiving treatment is manipulated by the practitioner, who does not usually touch the recipient, but holds his or her hands a few inches above the body.

The process of reiki therapy is not unlike the process of spiritual healing. Both involve the 'laying of hands' over the recipient.

In spiritual healing, however, the healer sends his or her energy to the individual, whereas, in reiki, the recipient is responsible for drawing as much energy to him/herself as he needs.

The 'patient' therefore plays an active part in his or her own healing process - a very positive thing for anybody suffering from anorexia or another eating disorder.

Reiki works by dispensing the energy blockage, thereby allowing ki to flow smoothly and restore the body back to health.

Reiki therapy is much more than relaxing healing. It works on all levels and is said to be able to help any condition.

It calms the mind, clears away stress and other negative emotions and induces a wonderful sense of well-being.

In some cases a physical problem can be caused by an emotional trauma, and once that itself is healed, the physical pain dissipates.

With this in light, it would seem that reiki therapy could be ideal to help sufferers of anorexia and other eating disorders.

It is even possible that reiki could provide the solution to the question of what should the anorexic be treated for first - the physical malnutrition of her body, or the emotional disturbances which led to her starving herself, as it is possible that reiki may deal with both simultaneously.

This is not to say that it can be viewed as a cure. Anorexics, and anybody suffering from an eating disorder, need psychological treatment from a qualified practitioner.

It is, however, possible that reiki, with its emphasis on healing mind, body and spirit simultaneously could relax the person enough for them to be more inclined towards therapy.

As it rids sufferers from stress, it paves the way for self -development to advance, giving the patient a sense of freedom, releasing their feelings of being constrained or threatened by their environment.

If reiki has some gems of wisdom for us all, they could well be:

1) Be at peace with yourself.

2) Be kind to yourself.

3) Do what is right for you.

4) Do not set yourself unrealistic goals that will ultimately result in a sense of failure.

So reiki could help a sufferer of anorexia, for example, to regain their inherent faith in their own intuition, and the strength and self belief to follow it.

Regular reiki sessions should help to provide the energy, confidence and clarity of mind that an anorexic needs in order to begin her process of recovery.

Her energy channels would be opened up, allowing her body to deal, effectively and naturally, with the stress and anxiety associated with disorders such as anorexia.

Fat Rebalancing A New Alternative to the Fountain of Youth

A new technique known as fat rebalancing offers patients the opportunity to use their own fat to literally turn back the hands of time and restore their youthful appearance.

This procedure can be done much earlier than a facelift to affect minor aging corrections over time.

This procedure also provides a reasonable alternative for those who do not want to endure the surgical and financial demands of a facelift.

On a young face, the framework has very smooth, ample distribution of fat and each area blends into the neighboring area seamlessly.

As the face ages, the fat compartments change shape to form "hills and valleys."

The "hills" are the areas where fat has accumulated, such as the jowl region and under the chin.

The "valleys" occur around the eyes and around the jaw line.

These are all areas where fat has diminished with aging.

This hill and valley topography unbalances the face.

The purpose of fat rebalancing is to rebalance the "hills" and "valleys" and restore harmony to the face.

A fat rebalancing procedure begins with a consultation with the patient’s dermatologic surgeon.

During this visit, the patient’s face is examined in relation to a photograph of when they were 10 to 15 years younger.

The dermatologic surgeon then forms a "blueprint" or map of the areas to be augmented with fat and the areas to be suctioned.

The entire face is addressed, not just specific folds or wrinkles.

The goal of rebalancing the "hills" and "valleys" of the face is easily accomplished by the microliposuction of the fatty "hills" and fat transfer to the sunken "valleys."

In the process of fat rebalancing, fat is collected from the patient’s donor site, such as the buttock, outer thigh or abdomen.

The collected fat is injected to all layers of the tissue starting closest to the bone.

Fat is not only placed in the folds of the skin, but in deep tissue to "suspend" the skin.

Grafts don’t shift or move, but are firmly anchored in existing fat.

Extra fat, not used in the procedure, is meticulously labeled for identification and stored in a medical freezer to be used for future touch-ups at four to eight week intervals.

This technique of fat rebalancing allows for gradual improvement for the patient over the course of a year with little downtime for recovery.

In fact, a full face transfer only places 1.5 tablespoons of fat over the entire face.

Typically, the patient will need six to 12 transfers over the course of a year in order to achieve maximum results.

With each treatment, patients can expect to look one to two years younger.

The results are permanent but since patients will continue to age even after the rebalancing treatment is completed, it is suggested that the patient continue to visit his or her dermatologist to preserve the results and continually "move back the clock."

If the patient chooses to stop the treatments, aging will occur from that point on with the transplanted fat behaving like his or her own facial fat.

This procedure is perfect for the 55-year-old who wants to look like she or he did at 40 or the 40-year-old who wants to look 30 again.

The lack of minimal scarring, bruising and short downtime is appealing to those patients who want to look like themselves, only younger.

Fat rebalancing is different than several other popular skin rejuvenation procedures such as bovine collagen, laser resurfacing or botulinum toxin.

For example, if you picture the aging face like a weathered, collapsed roof, collagen would be comparable to re-tarring the roof to fill in cracks in the asphalt and laser resurfacing like replacing the old shingles on the roof with new ones.

Fat rebalancing replaces the support beams in the roof and restores it to its normal structure and shape.

The difference between fat transplantation and botulinum toxin is best described by picturing the face like a roman shade.

When it is young, the shade is made of thick foam, so tugging on the cord produces few ripples in the shade.

However, as the face ages, it becomes made of tissue paper so that the slightest tug on the cord produces a multitude of ripples in the shade.

While botulinum toxin stops the tugging on the cord, fat transplantation replaces the thickness of the shade.

Want a Non-invasive Face Lift?

Try Radio Frequency
The FDA approved Thermacool radio frequency face lift is slowly being accepted as a good method for people who want to maintain their youthful appearance but are not prepared to undergo a total face lift.

Other resources to help you look younger include:

You might want to try our wrinkle cream for free too.

First produced by Thermage, this thermal procedure utilizes rf waves to heat up tissue that are several layers from the surface of our skin, causing the layers to contract and increase collagen production.

Outer layers of skin becomes tighter, and this helps diminish wrinkles.

Usually, a cooling device helps keep the temperature of the skin low at the same time, preventing patients from getting a burn due to the excessive heat.

Still, some patients may observe swollen and irritable skin that makes them uncomfortable. This, however, can be eased by taking some pain killers.

Although scalpels and sutures aren't necessary in this procedure, the radio waves are less accurate than a traditional face lift.

Nevertheless, it's an ideal maintenance method for those exhibiting early signs of aging.

Besides, it only takes 60 minutes or so, perfect for individuals with a hectic lifestyle. Furthermore, it only takes a matter of days for the patient to be fully recovered.

Note, though, that results still take time to present itself since the tissue layers need time to heal.

Cosmetic Botox Injection Know it Before You Try It

Technically known as botulinum toxin A, Botox is a neurotoxin that essentially paralyzes your muscles by blocking signals that otherwise tell your muscles to contract.

The basic principle is, if the musles can't move, wrinkles won't form.

While used for many medical applications, most people searching for such information are probably interested to know how it can help prevent wrinkles. Not all...but most ;)

In fact, the FDA only approved of its use for cosmetic purposes back in 2002.

Well, when the botulinum toxin is injected into a particular muscle group that's affected by glabellar, or more commonly known as frown lines or furrows, the muscles become paralyzed.

This means that they cannot contract, and the wrinkles will seem to "melt away".

Mind you, this kind of treament is not permanent, and the effects last anywhere from three weeks to eight months.

Is it worth it? Well, that's up to you to decide.

If you are really keen, here's some resources you can consider:

There are always more ways than one to make yourself feel youthful and stay healthy.

There's this wrinkle cream that actually works better than Botox, and you can try it for free here.

Of course, basics like using sunscreen, and having a proper skin care regime goes a long way in preventing wrinkles in the first place.

But when they do appear, I'd like to perceive it as if I'm aging gracefully :)

I'm not afraid to age, as long as I know I've lived my life to the fullest.

What about you? ;)

Dermabrasion: It ain't new, but it sure works!

Dermabrasion, a dermatologic procedure that is more than 100 years old, has a long history of being the treatment of choice for resurfacing deep facial scars and defects.

However, as new resurfacing treatments became available that offer quicker results and shorter recovery times, many patients opt for these procedures instead.

But for patients whom the newer alternative resurfacing treatments aren’t appropriate, many dermatologists and patients are again looking to dermabrasion as the treatment of choice.

Dermabrasion is a non-thermal resurfacing technique especially well-suited for deep defects of the skin such as acne scars, heavy wrinkles and the disfiguring effects of skin conditions like rosacea.

The procedure involves the mechanical sanding of the upper layers of the skin and penetrates the skin deeper than microdermabrasion.

With this procedure, a new layer of skin replaces the abraded skin during healing, resulting in a smoother appearance.

This treatment is a surgical procedure that requires only local anesthesia and for a few days following the procedure, the severely "brush burned" feeling can be avoided by using semipermeable dressings, which let moisture and air reach the skin.

The new skin that appears is pink at first, but gradually develops a normal appearance.

Most patients heal within one to two weeks. It’s important for patients to remember to wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher to protect the new pink skin.

While newer laser resurfacing treatments and microdermabrasion can be used for superficial facial lesions and defects, this procedure is still the best treatment available for deeper scarring.

Such an option is an excellent alternative for patients whose skin may not respond well to laser resurfacing.

Utilizing dermabrasion instead of laser resurfacing can avoid unwanted scarring, loss of normal skin pigmentation, skin redness and dryness, which may be the result of excessive thermal injury.

There are many dermatologic conditions for which such a procedure is an appropriate treatment.

The most frequent use for this treatment is to treat acne scarring, particularly depressed scars that give the skin a crater-like appearance and deep "ice-picking" scarring.

While acne may have long ago faded, the disfiguring scars can last a lifetime if untreated.

The wire brush used to sand the skin in this procedure can sculpt away the sharp edges of these scars.

Individuals with prominent perioral rhytids, deep wrinkles around the mouth, can also benefit from dermabrasion.

These wrinkles, often called smoker’s lines, can also be the result of heredity, age and sun exposure.

Depending on the depth of these lines, which can often extend up into the eye area, dermabrasion is the best treatment for excellent results.

While dermabrasion can give skin a smoother and refreshed appearance, there are conditions for which this treatment is not indicated, including certain types of pigmented birthmarks, scars from burns and congenital skin defects.

It’s important that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of all resurfacing procedures in order to achieve optimal results.

The dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon are the most qualified to answer questions and perform any type of resurfacing procedures.

If you’re concerned about the experience of the individual performing your resurfacing, be sure to ask about their qualifications.

Wear Sunscreen to Protect Your Skin from Damage

Most people know the importance of sunscreen when it comes to protecting our skin from the ravages of the sun.

Harmful rays like UVA and UVB damage our skin, and prolonged exposure to it may lead to sun burn, skin irritation, or even worse, skin cancer.

The thing is, recent research has shown that UVA is more likely than UVB to cause cancer.

While most sunscreens protect us from UVB rays, which in turn helps prevent sun burn, many don't have UVA-resistant capabilities.

So it's a good idea to look for one that does provide UVA protection.

In general, the higher the SPF the better. But do take note, higher SPF means better protection, not longer.

Also, "water-resistant" ones should retain the SPF protection level even after contact with water.

When applying, don't stinge on it. Be generous with your application, and re-apply every 2 hours or so, or after swimming, perspiring etc.

And yes, you do need it on cloudy days as well...because it's the rays that harm, not how bright the sunlight is.

Of course, it's always better to avoid the sun, especially between 10am and 4pm, when the harmful rays aren't being absorbed too well by the atmosphere.

Use it together with a wrinkle cream and this will help prevent wrinkles. Try it free here.

When outdoors, wear caps or hats, long-sleeved shirts and shades, when you know that it's ridiculously burning out there.

Acne Natural Treatment

Other Remedies for Acne

Other than the usual remedies that your dermatologist recommends, there are other acne alternative treatment methods that can aid you in your skin care to fight against acne.

Of course, different treatment, medication / medicine, and products work differently for different individuals. Some solutions work best, while other 'cures' prove ineffective.

Among the various alternatives, here are some that many agree works well to treat the skin problem:

Cure Your Acne Naturally - This program is highly recommended because it's a very simple yet effective step by step system that helps cure your acne naturally and gives you long lasting results.

Watch your Diet - While what you eat does not directly affect whether you have acne or not, a healthy diet keeps your whole body system running well, and that in turns prevent skin problems.

In general, eat more fruits and vegetables everyday (preferably 5 servings at least).

Needless to say, avoid fried, oily foods. And yes, drink lots of water.

Try Herbs - Many have found that particular blends of herbs are very useful as an acne alternative treatment and also helps maintain good skin.

Consider blending equal portions of sarsaparilla, yellow dock, burdock, and cleavers and consume it thrice per day, half a teaspoon each time.

Combined with a healthy diet, this blend helps cleanse the blood and lymph, and prevent blemishes from occurring.

Vitamins help too - Vitamin A, B6 and Zinc are the nutritional supplements to consider when you want to prevent pimples outbreaks.

While it is recommended to take about 30mg of Vitamin B6 and Zinc each, always consult your doctor before you consume any supplements.

I'd recommend you get some at Vita-Cost.

And there's Massage - A good body and facial massage goes a long way to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

The ability for your body to heal from scars improve as well.

That's why it's recommended for people with skin problems.

Whatever calms you down - When your body is relaxed, your overall well-being is enhanced, and this is a good barrier against conditions and diseases.

Things like yoga, regular exercise, soothing breathing exercises etc can be beneficial for your body.

Of course, conventional methods work very well too:

Whichever acne alternative treatment method you choose, understand that all methods take some time to show results.

Don't beat yourself up, and give your body some time to adjust and heal.

Always remember, you are in control, not acne.

Acne Home Remedy

Skin Care Treatment at Home

Ok, for this acne home remedy page, what I've done is compiled just a few acne skin care treatments that can be done right at your own home, while leaving the page open for more suggestions.

If you have your own proven home remedies for acne treatment, do go to our Contact page and send it to us. We'd be happy to share it with our readers ;)

Lemons - Many people agree that lemon has certain properties that are good against acne. All you need to do is slice it up and rub it on the affected areas. It's best to do it at night and leave the juice on your face till morning. Because our bodies heals best when it rests overnight, the lemon becomes more effective and helps remove acne scars too.

Cucumbers - This I gotta swear by, even if it's just for the refreshing properties! Cucumber actually soothes your skin because it's so gentle and cooling, and relieves it from any irritation you have from acne or some other skin condition. You can blend it into a paste, or even use slices to place to over your eyes (this is more to relax your eyes and relief stress! ;p ). When your skin is relaxed and free from irritations, acne is less likely to flare up.

Water - "What? Water?" Yep, you'd be amazed how something many of us take for granted daily can do so many wonders. Mind you, without water, we die in a matter of days! Other than drinking sufficient amounts of water daily to remain hydrated and cleanse our systems internally, we also use it to keep ourselves clean when we wash our hands, bathe etc. You know, simply rinsing your face with plain cool water from the tap every now and then goes a long way to keep our face clean and acne-free?

Other than these few steps, there's a resource I'd recommend you take a look that can help you get rid of acne, the natural way, in less than half a week! Read more about it here. Do let me know what you think of it! ;)

Also, you can consider these options too:

Again, if you have other acne home remedy that has worked for you, share it with us. I'd be happy to add it in here :)

As long as we help each other, there's no acne battle we can't win!

Simple Skin Care Tips For Healthy, Beautiful and Youthful Looking Skin

Before you begin any skin care regime, it is important that you know your skin type first.

Have you got that sorted out? Ok, I'm gonna put some faith in you, and say you've read my skin type page and found out what type of skin you have ;)

Now, once you have that information, you can begin to look for the best type of products that suit your skin.

To start off, all you need to know is that a good skin care regime involves three basic steps: Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize. (Other steps like Exfoliating and Treatment come in later...sort of like extras)

Cleanse - The very first, all important step is to clean your face. Ok, that's kind of a 'duh'...but I still need to point it out.

Our face literally "faces" the environment all throughout the day, and accumulates all kinds of dirt and grime (yes, even in a "clean" environment).

That's why it's important to use a good cleanser to wash away and remove any buildup of dead skin cells and surface oils that might otherwise block our pores and create skin problems such as acne and blackheads.

Gentlemen, you can try out CLEAN Face Wash from ZIRH.
Ladies, you can consider the Simply Clean from Skinceuticals.

Tone - Moving on, the next important step in our daily regime is to tone our skin.

You see, after we cleanse our face with a cleanser, two things happen.

Firstly, the water from our taps has a higher pH level than our skin (our skin has a pH level of 5.5). Leaving it at a higher pH is unhealthy, and also makes it difficult for the face to absorb any nutrients or moisturizer we apply for the next step.

Secondly, our pores usually widens after cleansing, since all the dirt and grime is cleared from our skin. A toner helps to close up the pores, effectively preventing unwanted substances from entering our skin that easily, and also to maintain the smooth texture of our skin.

Essentially, this second step of our regime prepares us for the third step, which is to moisturize the skin.

A good toner for men is the REFRESH Astringent from ZIRH.
The GreatSkin® Vital Hydrant Toner works great for ladies.

Moisturize - This final step in our three-step skin care regime helps restore and lock in the moisture in our skin.

This helps to maintain the elasticity and plumpness of our face, and prevents our skin from being dehydrated.

A moisturizer with build in sunscreen property can be used during the day, while another night moisturizer can be used at night to nourish our skin while we sleep.

The PROTECT Face Moisturizer from ZIRH is ideal for men.
For ladies, what I recommend is the Intensive Moisture Balance from Dermalogica.

That's the basic three steps to follow daily for a clean and youthful face. As mentioned earlier, there are other skin care tips that you might want to consider, depending on your specific needs.

For example, you might have some problems with blackheads and need more advice on how to remove it or what products to use.

The occasional facial masks is a great supplementary step to your skin care regime.

Last but not least, consider some vitamins for your skin. It's always a good idea to take care of not just the outside, but the insides as well ;)

Natural Skin Care Products

Discover the very best in NATURAL SKIN CARE PRODUCTS! Skin care products recognized the world over for delivering the results for which you are searching. Enjoy complete satisfaction!

Many companies are offering customers top name brand skin care products that will shield your skin from environmental free radicals and help comfort and relax your delicate complexion.

Find exceptional formulas that will greatly preserve your skin's natural balance of hydration, oils and cell regeneration. Soothe your skin while hydrating. Refine skin texture and apply combinations of formulas that promote fast-absorption of texturizing ingredients and keep skin moist.

Take a look at some of the very best in skin care, including: Adrien Arpel, Clarins, Clinique, Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder, Helena Rubinstein, Lancome, Yves Saint Laurent, and more.

Find skin care for all types of skin texture. These skin care treatments effectively help normalize excess oil and eliminate dry skin as well as serve to support combination skin textures. Sophisticated blends of natural ingredients enable you to maintain your skin's moisture balance.

Find natural skin care products designed to energize skin texture and surface appearance for a radiant glow and improved quality of complexion.

Find safe and effective skin care treatments that remarkably nourish and replenish skin surface.
Evens the skin tone and prevents premature signs of aging. Natural Skin Care products offers optimal hydration to maintain skin softness and suppleness and promotes a healthy and young looking complexion throughout the day.
Intensive daytime and night time beauty treatments that help to eliminate the appearance of wrinkles and effectively increase skin firmness and elasticity.

Brings hydration and eliminates dry skin throughout the day. Greatly improve the texture, feel and look of your skin with these wonderful skin care items, to support a radiant and youthful appearance.

Always leave your skin feeling completely refresh, smooth and alive. Select products that are suitable for all skin types.

Eliminate dry skin forever and maintain a very attractive look with continuous use.

Enjoy optimal hydration to your skin and regain skin's ideal level of moisture control and balance. Effectively protects skin against free radical from the environment. Impress others with skin that always looks and feels incredibly smooth and supple.

Take advantage of natural skin care products that safely provide Line and Wrinkle Reduction long-term by maintaining hydration. And the good news is, most of these products will work with all skin types.

The bottom line - visibly improve the quality of your skin texture with proven products that safely and effectively soften, nourish, hydrate and smoothen skin body.

Regular use of these natural skin care products will continue to act on your body to rejuvenate and replenish skin surface all night long. This process leaves skin looking incredibly younger and brighter all day long.
Whitening purifying beauty serums are among the highest quality formulas available. These formulas will gently dissolve excessive melanin & dead cells; help prevent the formation of dark spots & freckles and effectively softens & smoothes skin while moisturizing. Leaves skin looking perfectly translucent & radiant; Suitable for all skin types.

Acne Treatment

Exactly why some people get acne and some do not is not fully known. It is known to be partly hereditary.

The GOOD NEWS for all is that safe, effective and NATURAL SKIN CARE TREATMENT is available to combat TEEN and ADULT ACNE, to spare us from embarrassing skin blemishes and pimples.

Acne Skin Care Treatment

Use Natural Skin Care Treatment that visibly makes pimples and skin blemishes disappear quickly! Apply products that Dry Out Pimples FAST - without the irritating side effects you get from many products containing harsh chemicals and fillers.

Find products that support the Skin's Self-Repair Processes in order to achieve healthy skin texture and tone You need a treatment that SEALS the openings left by pimples in order to protect layers of skin from damaging pollutants during the process of healing.

Acne vulgaris is a skin inflammatory disease. At least 1 in 4 adult males suffer with this type of skin condition. Twice as many adult females are confronted at some point in their lives with such problem-skin conditions. Some experts believe the numbers may be higher.

Many people can develop red spots and have recurrent pimples and blemishes as late as their 30s, 40s and even beyond. Pimples and related skin problems are just as embarrassing and frustrating for adults as teens and may cause social withdrawal and chronic anxiety.

If you are suffering with such a skin condition, you should know your problem is not unique. Millions of people around the world are searching for treatments and solutions for mild to moderate to severe acne. Facial, neck and back pimples have no respect for gender, race or age.

Keep this in mind -- formulas designed to help with pimple skin conditions require time and patience. You WILL NOT achieve overnight success after one or two applications. DO NOT waste your time running from store to store or navigating from website to website to purchase yet another skin care solution because the one you bought two days ago isn't having the effect you assumed it would. A "Compulsive" search for a better problem-skin solution will only stretch your wallet or pocketbook and leave you disappointed and distressed.

Proper Skin Care in conjunction with an organic treatment may go a long way to helping you fight such skin problems.
Many company offers you the kinds of skin cleansers, moisturizers and special treatments that will gently exfoliate your skin, enabling these natural products to help you better manage your problem(s).

in severe cases, you should always consult your physician for clinical advice.

Cause of Acne

Much more can be said about skin blemishes. If you are not already aware of how acne develops, it may help to have a better understanding of causes.

Some company offers modern, advanced skin care treatments that are the result of repetitive testing and stringent quality assurance evaluations.

Managing pimples and related skin blemishes should begin with the application of a Facial Scrub designed to exfoliate the skin, removing the outer layer of dead skin cells.

The natural skin care formulas offered by some company represent an effective treatment, allowing pores to open and breathe in order to improve skin circulation, which is essential to treatment.

Many has formulas for problem pimple skin conditions that are among the most effective treatment approaches on the market today. Some of these products are quite popular, time-tested, and contain a combination of all-natural ingredients intended to restore your skin's natural health.