Can a Healthy Habit be a Key to Happiness?

You bet. Incorporating a healthy habit in any area of our lives is definitely key to our overall wellness and the future of our planet.

I have spent a lot of time reading, researching and have gained eye-opening insights through my own personal experiences.

I have learned that it is up to the parents to teach kids healthy habits. This is a sure way to develop healthy teens that will become great adults.

To be honest, I struggle at times incorporating good habits, even though I think it is good for me or the planet. Developing healthy habits can be difficult.

My take is to start with small changes and you will immediately feel more powerful in body, mind, heart (emotions) and spirit. There are numerous influences on your wellness, start with the easiest for you to implement.

Do you feel embarrassed or ashamed when your own experience making changes is not as impressive or as simple as others make you believe?

Do you think that change is hard? Or do you think that change is as easy as flipping a switch? (dramatic, fast, and painless).

Regardless of how you feel, I hope that you find at least a healthy habit in the list below worthy of giving it a try. Who knows, you may catch the bug…the wellness bug.

Change takes a lot of patience and perseverance. Small steps toward change are really the way you want to go for lasting lifestyle changes.

Start today a new healthy habit that you can easily implement and immediately feel great about yourself. Below are some of my own. Always consult your doctor or appropriate professional if appropriate.

  • Take high quality whole food supplements – I have been doing it for the last 20 years and can't say enough about them. This a no-brainer to get healthy nutrients in your body and keep your immune system strong and healthy.

  • My primary care doctor is a licensed naturopath doctor. They can save your life and take the guesswork out of your overall health.

  • Be the closest to natural in what you put in your mouth, on your body and at home.

  • The “E” word… Exercise. Jack LaLanne says you get old from inactivity, not from the passage of time. Develop an exercise habit that works for you. I vary my exercise routine throughout the year incorporating new and fun staff.

  • Eat small meals. I have a habit of eating four to five times a day, three small meals and two healthy snacks. This is a great healthy eating habit.

  • Carry healthy snacks with you all the time. My latest is "Simply cashews, almonds and cranberries" from Trader Joes (organic or not). I eat a handful (I have small hands) and enjoy every bite.

  • Drink water, up to half your body weight in ounces. If you weigh 120 lbs, you would drink 60 oz of water. Too much of a good thing, is not good either.

  • Drink water before or after a meal but never with it. It slows down your metabolism.

  • Chew your food. Can you count to five or ten for each bite? This is a tough one. I am getting better at it, I'm like 20% there (yes, you heard right) and I feel the difference in other areas of my life.

  • Trust health information from reputable natural health care advocates. Health information from newspapers and mainstream magazines can be deceiving at times. There's a lot of advertising dollars from pharmaceutical and medical companies newspapers can't turn away.

  • Have a home water system. Mine is from Life Source. No need for water bottles (waste), no inhaling and absorbing chloroform (from chlorine in hot showers).

  • Buy environmentally friendly cleaning products for your home. Lots of research shows their role in depleting your immune system and creating cancer among many other things.

  • I am grateful and nurture all my loving relationships with family and friends. Never take them for granted.

  • Shop at Trader Joe's (if you have one in the area). It is inexpensive and I feel safe eating and using anything sold there. I also shop at local health food stores.

  • Buy local (produce, artisans, restaurants, etc.) and organic whenever possible. You don't have to be 100%. What percentage can you be?

  • Focus on what you want. I work on my "inner communication" and “stop” myself when my mind wanders and goes to places that don't make me feel good...Do you know what I mean? I remind myself to focus on what I want. It is a great stress reliever and a great habit to have.

  • Practice giving. We can start with a smile. Once daily make someone happy. This is a great healthy habit for a happy life.

  • Drink daily a 16 oz glass “long life cocktail” as seen in the Fat Flush Plan by Ann Louise Gittleman. It is a cleansing "tonic" of unsweetened cranberry juice, water and flaxseeds grounds (I prefer them over psyllium husks).

  • Connect with my spirit throughout the day. It is a habit I am working on right now to become part of my life. It flows into other areas beautifully.

  • I watch almost no TV news and don't listen to them on the radio either. It started with a one week trial and the results were amazing in how I felt. It takes unnecessary worry away.

Do you enjoy particular health activities you wish to share with us? Do you want to share how you incorporate healthy habits for life? Make sure to let me know!

Can you start a new healthy habit today?

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