Why Soy Candles?

Is it really Healthier for You?

Yup! Candles have evolved. Feel the warmth and smell the fresh clean aromatic scent of soy candles, the healthier benefits we can now expect from our candles.

Have you ever wondered why you get headaches after you light a paraffin candles in your home? No, it’s not the fragrance unlike what most people think. Actually, it's the carcinogen from the candle you inhale that gives you the headache.

A few years ago, I developed severe allergies and asthma. I never connected candles to be the source of my suffering; Then, I bought a soy candle from a church boutique.

I was so excited with my new candle; I lit the candle as soon as I got home. Wow! I didn't get asthma! Then it got me thinking! Maybe it is the store bought candles that is giving me asthma!

So I did a little experiment just to find out. I lit a candle that I already had at home and waited if I get some kind of reaction. Sure enough, within 30 minutes I started wheezing.

I opened windows and doors in our house to let some fresh air in. The next day, I lit the soy candle to test my theory. Wow! No asthma!

After which, I did a little researched to find out what was in these store bought candles. I was surprise of what I read, and the true dangers I was placing my family in.

How much truth is in these statements? 

I don’t know all I can tell you is that I’m not having any asthma attacks whenever I lit soy candles. Ultimately, the decision is yours of what type of candles you buy and what is good for you and your family.

For my family, we like the all natural soy wax candles; we enjoy the soothing aroma of our favorite candle scents without the worry of allergies and asthma.

My family and I have always been fond of candles. Their scent and glow are relaxing to us. I especially like to light my candles on rainy days and during our family meals, turning our ordinary meals into something special, even if its as simple as last nights leftovers.