Ionic Salt Crystals

Have you ever felt exhausted? Tire and run down for no apparent reason? Ionic Salt Crystals can restore balance in your environment; these are the earth’s natural cleanser! They are known for their many therapeutic properties and purifying attributes.

Salt Crystals are made from salt deposits naturally formed 250 million years ago in the remote region of the Himalayan Mountains; they are mined from their pure, original state. These natural salt crystals emit negative ions that cleanse and restore balance in our environment both at home and at work.

As we become more hi-tech reliant society with computers, microwaves, cell phones and even bigger TV's, we create a more hazardous environment in our homes.

Fight back this indoor pollutant with Ionic Salt Crystals.

These salt crystals can be use in an electric tart warmer or a tart warmer powered by a tea light. As the tart warmer or tea light warms the salt crystals, bountiful of negative ions are released purifying the air and soothing our emotions.

Salt has long been a natural source of healing for thousands of years. Have you ever wondered why you feel so great whenever you’re up in the mountain, or at the seashore or even after a thunderstorm? This is due to the high concentration of negative ions in these surroundings. It is no wonder natural hot springs are developed in areas where abundant salt water flow.

These Salt Crystals have many uses and benefits. Here are just a few other ways to enjoy them.

Ionic Salt Bath
Feeling a little under the weather? Get energize in a salt crystal bath.

Ionic Salt Aromatherapy
Use it to fragrance your home and experience the amazing benefits of negative ionization

Create a Foot Soak
Add a cup of Ionic Salt Crystals into a foot-bath filled with water.

As a Toner
After cleansing your face

As a Help for Acne
Dab solution on your face and specifically on any pimples

As Dental Hygiene
After brushing your teeth

Make these Himalayan Salt Crystals a part of your every day life. The intoxicating fragrance alone will improve your mood, enhance your day and bring balance to your lifestyle. And when used in a bath, you'll soak in some tranquility and release toxins while you relax, revitalize and re-energize!