Cut Empty Calories

It is Possible

Find out that it is possible to cut empty calories. It doesn't matter how long you have had a bad habit, it can be changed with the power of your own mind! Since the sub-conscious mind is where your habits are stored, then the sub-conscious is where you need to do the necessary work to change the habit.

An empty Box

Just for a moment imagine two boxes in front of you.

One is wrapped beautifully with matching paper and ribbon, all of the folds in the paper are perfect and the bow is huge with those little curly ribbons bouncing all around and matching with the paper and ribbon. What a sight to behold. If it's this beautiful on the outside, just imagine what lies hidden inside!

The other is quite plain... just a box with a lid. There's probably nothing inside either.

That's exactly the way many people choose their food. The eye is the decider. But, let's go a little further with our story of the boxes. Let's look inside.

The beautiful, eye appealing box is empty.
The plain cardboard box is filled with all sorts of wonderful and helpful things that you need.

Now consider that you have seen this happen before. Many times. And today the two boxes are set in front of you again. Which do you choose?

Foods and drinks that you consume that have no nutritional value (no, you can't count sugar as value!) are said to be empty. Often they look appealing, just like the beautiful box, but the inside is void.

Things that fall into this category are

  • pop

  • candy

  • most cookies, cakes and deserts

  • most snack foods

How would you come up with a suggestion to give yourself in self-hypnosis to cut empty calories? Suggestions for this particular issue could be worded in a couple of different ways.

"I eat only healthy foods."
"I eat treats only for special occasions."
"I make food choices based on knowledge."

If you like the analogy of the boxes you could even say,

"I always choose food in plain boxes."

Make the suggestion to suit your situation and the one that you know will work for you.
Go into Self-Hypnosis
When you have a suggestion that suits your style, then go into self-hypnosis. Follow the instructions for specific techniques and then deepen as necessary to attain a good level. Then simply repeat the suggestion to yourself for two or three minutes and bring yourself out again.

And know that suggestions given to the sub-conscious mind become beliefs. Beliefs become feelings. Feelings become attitudes. Attitudes become behaviour. Simply by giving yourself the appropriate suggestions, your behaviour will begin to change.

You are able to cut the empty calories and begin a new habit that reflects where you want to be at this time of your life.