Fast Food Counter-Intelligence with Self-Hypnosis

New Habit

Self-hypnosis is all about changing unwanted habits. But, how about creating a new habit of fast food counter-intelligence to totally dispel the million dollar ad campaigns directed at your waistline.

So here's a quick method to neutralize the commercials, jingles, billboards and full-page food ads. As soon as you see or hear one, say:

"Who do you think you're fooling?"

Say it to yourself or out loud for even better results. You can change it to suit your style.

"You're not fooling me!"

Use something shorter like:

"Jinx!" or


You could even come up with your own jingle to sing back to the advertisers:

"I deserve my health today."

Do it every time you are "pitched to" by the fast food giants and soon your automatic reaction will be to reject the lure of the food and beverage industry.
This Time it's Personal
Remember, you don't read the paper or watch T.V. because you're looking for something to eat. You do it for information or a little entertainment. The advertisers are infringing into your personal space. And they are bringing their personal agenda.

Now you have your own campaign to make those words and images fizzle away before they ever reach you.
Ad-people use Hypnosis
The sub-conscious mind is the home of habits, emotions and long-term memory. Whenever you feel emotions strongly, you are in your sub-conscious mind and are therefore suggestible.

Advertisers are very aware of that fact and use it extensively. They tell you that you deserve it (whatever they are pitching). Most people feel that very dearly.

"Yes, I work hard every day and I DO deserve it."

Advertisers also use images of families having fun together (in their restaurant) and good-looking people to catch our emotions. When we "buy into" a picture (feel or imagine that we feel what they are feeling), we're in the sub-conscious.

Once we have bought into the emotion, they tell us the special of the week and we had better hurry in before the special ends. And a lot of people do just that.
Combine this fast food counter-intelligence strategy with the techniques of self-hypnosis for real change.

The only true and lasting method of weight loss is change of habits. (We've known for decades that diets don't work.) With self-hypnosis that is exactly what you are doing--changing your habits to support your goal of a healthy, trim body.