Candle Making

What I love about candle making is that anyone can do it! Candle making is an activity for people of all ages, from kids to adults. If you can boil water, you can make candles.

I started out making soy candles just for my family. You see my family loves candles. My sister Josie is practically addicted to this stuff.

It’s easy to get hooked making candles, transforming white flakes of soy wax into glowing treasures. It can be a relaxing and satisfying experience. Finally your creativity and personality can be expressed through your scents and decorations.

Have Fun!

People love candles, it’s simply just a fact. Some even like to give them as gifts, as I’m sure you’ve seen at your latest wedding or Christmas exchange. Handcrafted candle gifts are viewed by both men and women as an acceptable gift.

Imagine making a gift for a friend, choosing his/her favorite color as well as scent to compliment her favorite room in her house. Or have your friends over for an all girls day! It’s a fun way to catch up while making beautiful creations that each of your friends will be proud of.

I Made a Mistake!

When I first started making candles, the most common mistake I made was not testing my colors before pouring my candles. Sometimes I just got lucky and it all worked out, and I actually created some beautifully colored candles. But if you like things perfect, its best to pour a small amount of your colored wax in a small container to make sure you’ve achieved the desired color for your project.

Just in case you make a mistake. Relax; it is important not to get too frustrated. This is an arts and craft project you can easily fix if you happen to mess up. Just melt down the mistake and start over.

Turn your candle crafts into profit. Selling soy candles is a great way to make money from home if you take it seriously and do your research.

Ten Great Reasons to Make Soy Candles

1) It’s fun and easy!

2) It’s fun activity for you, your friends or is a great bonding project with your kids.

3) Candles are great gifts for any occasion.

4) You save money by making your own candles.

5) You can customize your candles to fit your style.

6) Meet new people and develop new friendship through mutual love of candle making.

7) You love candles and can’t seem to have enough of them.

8) Candles are BIG in enjoyment with no calories.

9) Very rewarding as you can see results in a matter of minutes.

10) Is an inexpensive hobby. [which is always a plus!].