Burning Essential Oils Living Room

Burning essential oils in the living room is an excellent way of deterring unwanted energy. Collecting various aromas, such as floor cleaners, furniture polish and everyday traffic, the living room is predominantly the most active room in the house. Therefore, the room must be cleansed often to retain a harmonious space for you and your family to enjoy.

Essential oils create a pleasant atmosphere making your home more welcoming as it beautifies both by scent and décor.

Using lace or decorative fabrics to make opulent appliqué cushions, you can make a plain room lavishing and delightful. These lightly scented, handmade cushions are ideal for both formal and informal living rooms.

Just be weary of overpopulating your room with cushions. They are meant to merely accent your furniture and allow those who use them to be comfortable. Too much is too good, just enough is perfect.

Here’s a helpful hint for open fireplaces and wood scent lovers, by simply sprinkling a few drops of essential oils scent “Spruce” on a log before lighting it, you can experience the freshness of wood with a touch of fruit.

The scent is calming to the nerves and encourages communication, much like our childhood memories, spending family time huddled by the fire.

You may also add a few drops of essential oils to pine or fir cones placed in a basket near the fire; the scent is release as the room warms.

Another option is to use scented candle waxed dipped pinecones to start your fire. By doing so, your favorite scents quickly fill the room, relaxing both you and your family, or special guests who will of course ask for your scented secrets.