Self-Hypnosis Weight Loss

Diet v.s. Self-Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis weight loss works for permanent weight loss. We have known for decades that diets DON'T work. When following a diet, as soon as the goal is met, the diet is discarded and the weight comes back on. Some people live their lives in this constant cycle: diet, rebound....

There is a permanent way to weight loss. By permanently changing your habits with self-hypnosis, the goal is achieved and maintained. And the REALLY good news is: you don't need will power. When the change is made in the sub-conscious part of the mind, will power is not even necessary.

People are constantly saying "That was just so easy!" when the change is made in the sub-conscious.

Healthy Weight

Please read this sentence carefully: There are many healthy weights for your body type. Ask your doctor what a healthy weight is for you or calculate your body/mass index (it shows a range of healthy weights for your body type and height). If you have more than 20 pounds to loose, have a thorough check-up before beginning.

Just as you will be learning to resist the scams of the food and beverage industry, you will also learn to withstand the tough sell of the "body image" industry.

You want a healthy weight. You want to be able to enjoy doing all of the activities that you love, with ease, while getting all of the nutrients that your body requires to perform those activities. With self-hypnosis weight loss, you will find the right balance.

Use the methods described in problem solving to create a great affirmation. Substitute your personal reasons and issues to make it real and significant for you and your own situation.

Begin with a Question

As with any goal, the first question you have to ask is "Do I want to change?" If you answer is "yes", then self-hypnosis weight loss is an easy, reliable (and FREE!) method of making that change. If your answer is "no", use self-hypnosis to give yourself some general positive affirmations. A boost to your self-confidence may be all you need to change that "no" to "YES".

Strategic Plans

I wonder how much money is spent on advertising to convince people like you and me to consume items that ruin our health. How do they do it? (After all, we are fairly intelligent people!) They tap into our emotions (sub-conscious) by telling us that we "deserve" it.

So what they've done is hypnotized us into believing their campaign. Suggestions given to the sub-conscious become beliefs. From there they tell us to "hurry in" to get the special deal of the week.

What's needed is a fast food counter intelligence strategy for weight loss. You are going to overcome the multi-million dollar ad campaign with your most powerful tool--your sub-conscious mind.

You may have also believed that returning to a healthy weight is difficult and takes a lot of attention to counting and charting. With self-hypnosis weight loss, you are able to keep it simple. Two or three minutes twice a day is all that is required to reach your goal.

And since your goal is health, then the natural and most logical place to begin weight loss is to cut empty calories first. Would you pay to fill up your car with gas that promised zero miles per gallon? No way! Would you purchase a book by your favourite author if the pages were blank? Of course not! In the same way, with self-hypnosis weight loss, you will reject foods that have no nutritional value.

Health Tips

For some good general tips on healthy living and eating check out Top 25 Health Tips from Natural Health Girl. (Don't worry. They work for guys too!)

A Little Story

Allow me to tell you a little story.

A young woman with a baby found herself fleeing her home as the enemy approached to burn her village to the ground. She found an elderly man also trying to escape, so together they made their way towards the mountains where they hoped to find safely.

At the foot of the mountains they were able to join a large group of people also looking for freedom from the fighting. The leader of the group told the man and young woman that they were welcome to join them. Everyone agreed to take turns carrying the baby, but the adults would have to keep up on their own. It was simply too dangerous to slow down the whole group.

So they began the ascent up the rocky mountainside. It was a difficult climb, carefully picking their way through the boulders and sheer cliffs.

At one point, the young woman looked back to see the old man sinking to his knees. She hurried back to help him, but he told her to just leave him. He said that he wasn't able to go on any further.

So the woman rejoined the group, found her baby and brought the baby to the man on the side of the pathway.

"It's your turn to carry the baby."

With that she handed the baby over, turned around and began to climb again. After what seemed like an eternity, she glanced over her shoulder and saw the old man picking his way carefully through the rocks, carrying the precious bundle.

Get moving

There are times in life when it's an advantage to "carry the baby". If you feel like you are sitting on the side of the road, perhaps it's time to start moving toward your goal with self-hypnosis weight loss. Imagine yourself taking the first step toward your goal of healthy living. Imagine the looks of admiration on the faces of those around you when they realize what you are accomplishing.

It is possible to change your habits and let the world see the fantastic human being that you are on the inside.