Candle Scent Chips

Candle scent chips are basically wickless scented candles designs for the use of tart burner or tart warmer. Sometimes they are referred to as wax melts, candle chips, melts, scent chips or candle melts. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Candle tarts are best when you needed to scent your house faster, when these soy melts are heated the fragrance are released amazingly fast!

Because candle chips are wickless; Therefore they are soot free and are ideal for use in places that open flame are not the best idea, like dorms, retirement homes, reception area and homes with small children and pets.

I especially like to use soy tarts as a marketing tools. These are an inexpensive way to let my friends, relatives and customers sample new scents or try my own mix of fragrances.

Also, try using aromatherapy essential oil to scent your tarts and put them over Ionic Salt Crystals. As the tart burner or warmer heats the Salt Crystals and candle melts, they fill the air by releasing a soothing aroma in your home.

Benefits of Candle Scent Chips

Some of my customers actually prepare tarts over traditional candles; because they are:

1) Inexpensive
2) Stronger scent
3) Last longer than a container candle
4) Wickless and soot free
5) Melts faster than traditional candles
6) Excellent scent samples

Electric Tart Warmers

If you love candles and safety is an issue, electric tart warmers are your answer. Many candle company offer variety of electric tart warmers in beautiful designs, style and colors that can add accent to your home decor.

With no open flame, a tart warmer is perfect for students, teachers, home office, and nursing home or anywhere where a flame is prohibited.

Till next time! Have fun making candles.

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