Sleep Improvement

Can't Sleep

The suggestions for sleep improvement given here are for those who have occasional trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Please have a thorough check up by your doctor if you suspect any serious condition is interfering with your sleep. These conditions should be taken seriously. Always follow your doctor's advise.

If you have chronic feelings of sadness which interfere with sleep, read about one man's journey to wellness.

Sleep Like a Baby

Think back, if you are able, to a time in your past ... maybe the distant past... to when you were a child. You woke up every morning eager to explore the world. You woke refreshed and full of energy because you had slept deeply and comfortably.

Many adults forget that they have the ability to sleep deeply... and allow the body to recharge, store memories and prepare for the next day.

Is it possible to get back what you knew instinctively as a child? The answer is "YES".

Barring any serious condition that could be affecting sleep, many cases are simply allowing a bad habit (or a few bad habits) to affect they way you breathe and relax. As well, you may have come to believe that you do not have the ability to sleep deeply and peacefully.

"It's my age." "It's my job." "I'm just like my Uncle Fred."
Bad Habits

Begin now to change your belief, overcome those bad habits and you will notice sleep improvement.

  • During self-hypnosis you slow your breathing down to a slow, steady rhythm that actually promotes relaxation.

  • By relaxing to this wonderful level you are able to achieve stress relief.

  • And during self-hypnosis you give yourself the suggestions that you need to create deep sound sleep.

Suggestions begin a chain of reactions that result in the behavior you want. In self-hypnosis:

  • Suggestions become beliefs.

  • Beliefs become feelings.

  • Feelings become attitudes.

  • Attitudes become behavior.

Natural Cycle

Sleep is a natural cycle of life, so important to good health. Many, many people sleep wonderfully at every age and stage of their lives (even if their Uncle Fred didn't!) and you can too.

Commit to following the suggestions given here for sleep improvement and look throughout the rest of the site to gain a better perspective on how you may have come to believe what you believe. Let me know how you are making out on the Contact Us page. I would love to hear from you.