Want a Non-invasive Face Lift?

Try Radio Frequency
The FDA approved Thermacool radio frequency face lift is slowly being accepted as a good method for people who want to maintain their youthful appearance but are not prepared to undergo a total face lift.

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First produced by Thermage, this thermal procedure utilizes rf waves to heat up tissue that are several layers from the surface of our skin, causing the layers to contract and increase collagen production.

Outer layers of skin becomes tighter, and this helps diminish wrinkles.

Usually, a cooling device helps keep the temperature of the skin low at the same time, preventing patients from getting a burn due to the excessive heat.

Still, some patients may observe swollen and irritable skin that makes them uncomfortable. This, however, can be eased by taking some pain killers.

Although scalpels and sutures aren't necessary in this procedure, the radio waves are less accurate than a traditional face lift.

Nevertheless, it's an ideal maintenance method for those exhibiting early signs of aging.

Besides, it only takes 60 minutes or so, perfect for individuals with a hectic lifestyle. Furthermore, it only takes a matter of days for the patient to be fully recovered.

Note, though, that results still take time to present itself since the tissue layers need time to heal.