Ten techniques for relaxation

These are my favourite ten techniques for relaxation.

Drink chamomile tea. I don't particularly like the taste so I flavour it with lemon or orange juice. There is no doubt that this tea has amazing calming properties.

Essential oils. We tend to take smells for granted and be unaware of how they affect us. But the smells around us have a powerful effect on our emotions. I have absolutely no doubt that some essential oils help me to relax. My favorites are ylang ylang and frankincense. Be careful with frankincense - it's effect is so relaxing it sometimes sends me to sleep!


Of all the ten techniques for relaxation described here, this is my favourite

.Meditation is often dismissed as wishy washy or pointless. It is far from either of these. Meditation is a powerful means of relaxation and of gaining self awareness.There is evidence, which proves beyond any doubt, that our emotional state is a direct result of the state of our brain waves, and that furthermore, those states are completely controllable by us.

This evidence shows that most of us in a beta state most of the time. Beta state basically means a state of fight or flight. We are in survival mode. When we are in beta for prolonged periods we do damage to our emotional, physical and psychological selves.

When we meditate, our brain waves alter to alpha state, a much slower state associated with calm awareness.

As a sculptor and photographer, my favourite of the ten relaxation techniques is creativity. This formed a large part of my recovery from anorexia.Human beings are naturally creative.

We tend to forget the creative dreams we have as children and content ourselves with admiring the work of others who have put their creativity into practice.And yet, the benefits of creating are phenomenal.

By expressing ourselves through art, we gain a sense of freedom, enhance our mood and increase our integrity by allowing our true selves and ideas to surface and materialize.

We become lighter and more content as we spend less time worrying about things that we cannot change, and we gain more energy for our true responsibilities.