Acne Home Remedy

Skin Care Treatment at Home

Ok, for this acne home remedy page, what I've done is compiled just a few acne skin care treatments that can be done right at your own home, while leaving the page open for more suggestions.

If you have your own proven home remedies for acne treatment, do go to our Contact page and send it to us. We'd be happy to share it with our readers ;)

Lemons - Many people agree that lemon has certain properties that are good against acne. All you need to do is slice it up and rub it on the affected areas. It's best to do it at night and leave the juice on your face till morning. Because our bodies heals best when it rests overnight, the lemon becomes more effective and helps remove acne scars too.

Cucumbers - This I gotta swear by, even if it's just for the refreshing properties! Cucumber actually soothes your skin because it's so gentle and cooling, and relieves it from any irritation you have from acne or some other skin condition. You can blend it into a paste, or even use slices to place to over your eyes (this is more to relax your eyes and relief stress! ;p ). When your skin is relaxed and free from irritations, acne is less likely to flare up.

Water - "What? Water?" Yep, you'd be amazed how something many of us take for granted daily can do so many wonders. Mind you, without water, we die in a matter of days! Other than drinking sufficient amounts of water daily to remain hydrated and cleanse our systems internally, we also use it to keep ourselves clean when we wash our hands, bathe etc. You know, simply rinsing your face with plain cool water from the tap every now and then goes a long way to keep our face clean and acne-free?

Other than these few steps, there's a resource I'd recommend you take a look that can help you get rid of acne, the natural way, in less than half a week! Read more about it here. Do let me know what you think of it! ;)

Also, you can consider these options too:

Again, if you have other acne home remedy that has worked for you, share it with us. I'd be happy to add it in here :)

As long as we help each other, there's no acne battle we can't win!