Beck depression test

If you think you may be suffering from depression, you can easily find out by taking a beck depression test

The Beck depression test is fun and educational. They help you to become aware of what may be causing you unhappiness, and also help you to decide on steps you can take to improve your life and your self-esteem.

What is depression?

In a nutshell, we feel depressed when our needs are not met. More and more of us are finding that it is difficult to meet our most basic needs in our modern, hectic society, when we are so busy and have so many conflicting interests and responsibilities that we rarely have time to stop and consider what we want or need from life in order to be happy.

Depression symptoms arise from the conflict between the way in which we are living and the way we would like to live.The symptoms vary in severity according to how great that difference is and how much we believe ourselves to be in control of changing that.

Depression symptoms can be greatly alleviated by changing our mindset, and believing that we can bring about the changes in our lives which would make us happier. Depression tests such as the Beck depression test can help us along the way.

This alleviation is furthered by us then putting those changes into action.

They are of course worsened when we feel that there is nothing we can do about them, and that changing our circumstances will not change the way we feel.

Depression is at the root of eating disorders.

The mindset of someone suffering from anorexia, bulimia or binge disorder is such that they believe the only way to be happy is to have control over food, weight and body shape.

Given the current predisposition of the fashion and the media to encourage thinness, this is not surprising. Added to this the proliferation of pro anorexic sites that encourage young women and even children to starve themselves, it is not surprising that so many fall prey to the myth that thinness=happiness.

Can you remember being faced by bullies at school?

That helpless feeling we have when we are bullied is pretty akin to how someone with an eating disorder feels all the time.

So many of us in our modern society give in to various forms of bullying without realizing we're doing so.

We stay in jobs where we are mistreated and badly paid - because we feel we should. We then spend all our hard earned money on the latest fashions because we feel we won't be accepted if we don't.I think if we all used depression tests such as the beck depression test more often, we would stop and think a lot more about where we are going.

We race along, trying desperately to conform to all the standards which society expects us to meet, and we never seem to stop.

We all need to conform to some extent. When we go too far and our lives revolve around 'shoulds' rather than the fulfillment of our needs, depression sets in.When eating disorders are viewed in context, as a symptom of depression, they become much easier to handle, for both the sufferer and loved ones.If you are suffering from an eating disorder, please use the Beck depression test.

There is a lot of other information there that can help too. If you are worried about someone who is depressed, you could ask them to take the Beck depression test, or look at it yourself and see if you think any of the tests apply to them.

Part of overcoming an eating disorder, as with any form of depression is the realization that you can't please all of the people all of the time, and that unless we can accept ourselves as we are we are unlikely to please anyone at all.

Those with depression have put pleasing others before their 'soul purpose' in life and have put their own needs on the back burner. If you think you may be doing this, the beck depression test can really help you decide.

Our real needs can never be met by harming or depriving ourselves. The anorexic or bulimic believes that by losing weight, they make themselves immune to criticism, and will be more likely to gain the approval, understanding and protectiveness they need from those in their lives.

Those with binge disorder and/or bulimia believe that they can keep pain and harm caused by negativity around them at bay by gaining the comfort they so sorely need from food.

This just can't work. Food is to sustain us and to provide pleasure to our taste buds.

People are for comfort, but if we are to truly value ourselves, we must take responsibility for allowing the right people into our lives who are able to offer us what we need.

Depression symptoms, in short, are caused by our attending to false needs instead of real ones.The way through is to accept that they are part of a state of mind, which any of us can fall prey to, but which we can all, with commitment and self-belief, escape from.