Simple Skin Care Tips For Healthy, Beautiful and Youthful Looking Skin

Before you begin any skin care regime, it is important that you know your skin type first.

Have you got that sorted out? Ok, I'm gonna put some faith in you, and say you've read my skin type page and found out what type of skin you have ;)

Now, once you have that information, you can begin to look for the best type of products that suit your skin.

To start off, all you need to know is that a good skin care regime involves three basic steps: Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize. (Other steps like Exfoliating and Treatment come in later...sort of like extras)

Cleanse - The very first, all important step is to clean your face. Ok, that's kind of a 'duh'...but I still need to point it out.

Our face literally "faces" the environment all throughout the day, and accumulates all kinds of dirt and grime (yes, even in a "clean" environment).

That's why it's important to use a good cleanser to wash away and remove any buildup of dead skin cells and surface oils that might otherwise block our pores and create skin problems such as acne and blackheads.

Gentlemen, you can try out CLEAN Face Wash from ZIRH.
Ladies, you can consider the Simply Clean from Skinceuticals.

Tone - Moving on, the next important step in our daily regime is to tone our skin.

You see, after we cleanse our face with a cleanser, two things happen.

Firstly, the water from our taps has a higher pH level than our skin (our skin has a pH level of 5.5). Leaving it at a higher pH is unhealthy, and also makes it difficult for the face to absorb any nutrients or moisturizer we apply for the next step.

Secondly, our pores usually widens after cleansing, since all the dirt and grime is cleared from our skin. A toner helps to close up the pores, effectively preventing unwanted substances from entering our skin that easily, and also to maintain the smooth texture of our skin.

Essentially, this second step of our regime prepares us for the third step, which is to moisturize the skin.

A good toner for men is the REFRESH Astringent from ZIRH.
The GreatSkin® Vital Hydrant Toner works great for ladies.

Moisturize - This final step in our three-step skin care regime helps restore and lock in the moisture in our skin.

This helps to maintain the elasticity and plumpness of our face, and prevents our skin from being dehydrated.

A moisturizer with build in sunscreen property can be used during the day, while another night moisturizer can be used at night to nourish our skin while we sleep.

The PROTECT Face Moisturizer from ZIRH is ideal for men.
For ladies, what I recommend is the Intensive Moisture Balance from Dermalogica.

That's the basic three steps to follow daily for a clean and youthful face. As mentioned earlier, there are other skin care tips that you might want to consider, depending on your specific needs.

For example, you might have some problems with blackheads and need more advice on how to remove it or what products to use.

The occasional facial masks is a great supplementary step to your skin care regime.

Last but not least, consider some vitamins for your skin. It's always a good idea to take care of not just the outside, but the insides as well ;)