Acne Natural Treatment

Other Remedies for Acne

Other than the usual remedies that your dermatologist recommends, there are other acne alternative treatment methods that can aid you in your skin care to fight against acne.

Of course, different treatment, medication / medicine, and products work differently for different individuals. Some solutions work best, while other 'cures' prove ineffective.

Among the various alternatives, here are some that many agree works well to treat the skin problem:

Cure Your Acne Naturally - This program is highly recommended because it's a very simple yet effective step by step system that helps cure your acne naturally and gives you long lasting results.

Watch your Diet - While what you eat does not directly affect whether you have acne or not, a healthy diet keeps your whole body system running well, and that in turns prevent skin problems.

In general, eat more fruits and vegetables everyday (preferably 5 servings at least).

Needless to say, avoid fried, oily foods. And yes, drink lots of water.

Try Herbs - Many have found that particular blends of herbs are very useful as an acne alternative treatment and also helps maintain good skin.

Consider blending equal portions of sarsaparilla, yellow dock, burdock, and cleavers and consume it thrice per day, half a teaspoon each time.

Combined with a healthy diet, this blend helps cleanse the blood and lymph, and prevent blemishes from occurring.

Vitamins help too - Vitamin A, B6 and Zinc are the nutritional supplements to consider when you want to prevent pimples outbreaks.

While it is recommended to take about 30mg of Vitamin B6 and Zinc each, always consult your doctor before you consume any supplements.

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And there's Massage - A good body and facial massage goes a long way to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

The ability for your body to heal from scars improve as well.

That's why it's recommended for people with skin problems.

Whatever calms you down - When your body is relaxed, your overall well-being is enhanced, and this is a good barrier against conditions and diseases.

Things like yoga, regular exercise, soothing breathing exercises etc can be beneficial for your body.

Of course, conventional methods work very well too:

Whichever acne alternative treatment method you choose, understand that all methods take some time to show results.

Don't beat yourself up, and give your body some time to adjust and heal.

Always remember, you are in control, not acne.