Photography can consider as alternative therapy

The struggle against anorexia or any eating disorder is never easy, and can take a long time.

I mentioned on my art/sculpture page,how much working with wood has helped me to overcome an eating disorder.

I love photography too. I've always had a camera, and always been snap happy, which, in the days of film was expensive. Of course, digital photography doesn't involve developing, so I have a field day now.

The truth is that I've always wanted to be able to draw and paint, but I've never followed it up, and for me, photography goes a long way to fulfilling that creative need.

I think the thing with photography in relation to anorexia, or any anxiety based illness, is that looking through the lens gives you a different perspective on life.

You start to isolate items from their background, understanding how significant they are in isolation, but also how they need their natural background to give them their meaning and context.

It's the same with us when we think about it. We're different when we're on our own, but the truth is that we need our environment - other people in order to see ourselves as part of the wider world. (A friend of mine once said that we are like diamonds, and that every person we come into contact polishes a piece of that beautiful jewel).

We are part of that wider world, however isolated we may feel sometimes. That's in our heads, not in anybody else's.

Taking photographs is also exciting...and it gives you a sense of control and autonomy.

I think the taking up of time is an important part of this as well. Anything which we enjoy doing that helps to move us away from the physical actions such as binging or exercising, can only do us good.

And the truth is that there's so much free information on how to improve your photography on the net that becoming a pro is well within our reach.

I've been entering our stuff on internet competitions in the last few weeks, and I've even won a couple of prizes!
So get snap happy - it can only do you good!