Craniosacral Therapy

It seems that anorexia and other eating disorder sufferers may benefit from craniosacral therapy.

The craniosacral system is the governing system of the body. It works on a physical and cellular level, but in its essence it actually operates at the deeper level of mind, body and spirit, and is therefore able to alleviate emotional and psychological disturbances.

Cerebrospinal fluid flows around the brain and can be subject to blockages.

A craniosacral practitioner is able to 'listen' through his or her hands to the flow of this fluid and thereby identify a blockage.

The blockage can then be removed by craniosacral massage, allowing the fluid to flow more easily.

The treatment is intended to assist the body's own self governing and self healing abilities.

Craniosacral therapy could decrease the pain of physical symptoms in a sufferer of an eating disorder. As the discomfort decreases, the patient would be able to focus on the psychological and experiential components of her eating disorder.

The therapy would reduce stress, anxiety, fear and restlessness, and allow the balance of mind and body to be restored.

Trust, and the growth of self esteem could then be encouraged.

However, it is important to remember that any such therapies are only aids to recovery, and must be combined with the correct psychological treatment, such as cognitive behavior therapy.