The Benefits of Eating More Whole Grains

Grains are healthy diet since they are naturally low in fat and good sources of carbohydrates, and some minerals and vitamins. Although all grains are good for health but whole grains are actually the best form of grains that will give your body more fiber. That is why it is more recommended than other type of grains.

There are three types of grains, whole grains, refined grains and enriched grains. You need to know the differences between these types of grains and which foods contain them to be able to mix them in your diet plan. They’re usually in form of single foods or as ingredients in products.

Whole grains. These are grains that still had their germ and bran or in other words are unrefined grains that haven’t been milled. Whole grains contain numerous good nutrients like potassium, selenium, magnesium and lots of fiber. These nutrients and fiber are the main reason why it is more recommended that other types of grains.

Single foods that were made from whole grains are brown rice and popcorn. Pancakes (buckwheat) and bread (whole wheat) are examples of foods that use whole grains as its ingredients.

Refined grains. On the contrary of whole grains, refined grains are grains that already milled and lose its germ and bran. The mill process was conducted to gain finer texture of the grains and extend its shelf life. The process unfortunately removes many nutrients contained in the grains.

White rice, degermed cornflower, white bread and white flourwhite are considered as refrained grains while foods that use refined grains as one of the ingredients are crackers, pastries, cereals, desserts and breads.

Enriched grains. In order to add the grains value some producers usually enriched their products. Some refined grains were enriched by adding back the nutrients that lost in the refining process.  Some whole grains products on the other hand were enriched by fortified its nutritional content with other vitamins and minerals.

It is recommended that you use whole grains at least half of the grains you eat. You need to eat other types of grains too especially enriched grains that have been fortified with folic acid to keep the nutrient balance in your body.

Eat more whole grains starting today as well as less meat to keep your body healthy.