Let Start Eating Less Meat to Stay Healthy

Meat is undoubtedly almost every people favorite menu. We can find meat everywhere. You can find it in hamburger, hot dog, steak and other delicious food known to man. The problem is we never realize that meat is hiding a serious threat to our health.

Meat contains high calories and solid fats. These two are not good for the body if you consume it too much. It can cause obesity and has been proven to cause people to have shorter live span than people who consumed less.

Our main concern here is to spread the campaign of eating less meat for a healthier life. In case you don’t know, almost every healthy diet menu planned with less meat meals. Some even strip the meat out of their menu.

It has been proven that meatless meal offer lots of health benefits and offer protective effect to the body. If you follow meatless meals menu you’ll have more healthy food that rich in vitamins, fiber and other nutrients and eat less solid fats and calories. According to latest research this kind of diet plan will give you a lower percentage risk of heart disease than normal people.

Everybody loves meat, that’s a fact that we can’t deny. We don’t ask you to avoid meat at all, just reduce the amount of meat meals you eat in a week. Once or twice in a week is enough and when you eat meat make sure you don’t overindulge it. Don’t forget to combine it with vegetables, fruits and grains.

You actually can get protein needed by the body from other sources than meat. Protein foods that are recommended replacing meat are soy products, eggs, unsalted nuts and seeds and beans and peas.

If you think you still eat lots of meat these days and start to feel the bad effect of it like weight gain you might need to consider following our suggestion to eat less meat. It is for your own good. Meet a dietitian and ask him/her to plan your meatless diet menu plan if you can’t plan it yourself. It will be hard for a while but you’ll get used to it soon enough and won’t be able to leave the habit after you feel the benefits.