Beware of Added Sugar in Your Diet

Do you like sweets? You should be more concern about your health if you do. Added Sugar which usually present in sweet foods or beverages were suspected as the main factor in the rise of diabetes, obesity and other health problems case number these days.

Added Sugar was added to most of today’s foods and beverages by the manufacturer for several reasons. It usually used to boost the flavor, preserve foods, serve as bulking agent and many more. We usually don’t aware of the fact that added sugar is usually found in foods that contain solid fats, which is a bad news.

Too much added sugar is bad for your health condition. It can cause poor nutrition especially when you love eating foods contain added sugar and skip on nutritious and healthy foods. Consuming added Sugar excessively also causing tooth decay, weight gain and increased triglycerides that can trigger heart problem.

No, you don’t need to avoid all sugar. Sugar is needed by our body since it actually another form of carbohydrate that our body uses for energy. You just need to lower your added sugar intake in a day. There is actually guideline for added consumption limit in a day. According to The American Heart Association women need to limit their added sugar consumption to 6 teaspoon a day while men should limit it to 9 teaspoon a day.

To be able to limit your added sugar consumption you need to know how to recognize whether a food or a beverage contain added sugar or not. First of all you need to check the list of ingredients. You need to avoid eating the food that contains added sugar after you reach your limit.  You can also check the Nutrition Facts label which reveals the total amount of sugar in each item.

Added Sugar was often listed with different names. You need to learn about this too if you want to recognize added sugar in a food list of ingredients. Different names that usually used are brown sugar, fructose, dextrose, honey, invert sugar, maltose, molasses, lactose, malt syrup and many more.

In conclusion, you really should considering avoiding too much added sugar in your daily diet if you care about your health by monitoring your added sugar daily intake carefully.