Dry Cough Natural Home Remedies

Everybody should have coughing experience. Although coughing is not a serious problem it is actually pretty annoying when you have it. There are wet coughing and dry coughing. The later usually more irritating because you will feel more pain in your throat when you have it. Dry cough usually triggered by allergies to irritants like dust, fumes or cigarette smoke.

The best way to cure dry coughing is by using natural home remedies. It is proven to be safer and faster than the coughing syrup prescription.

Dry Cough Home Remedies

You’ll be surprised that the most effective natural remedies for dry cough are actually available in your kitchen. Ginger, salt, honey and black pepper are actually the best natural remedies for dry cough and it usually available in most kitchens.

Ginger is probably the best remedy for all kind of cough. Everybody loves it and everybody use it. It gives you a warm feeling while passing down your throat. The sensation is just relieving. Mix 2 teaspoons of ginger juice with a few drop of honey and you just made yourself the best home remedy for dry cough. Drink it 3 to 4 times a day and you should be able to day “good bye” to your cough in a few days.

Add a pinch of salt into a glass of water and gargle using it. Gargling with salt water helps loosen up the mucus down your throat. Thus it can help clear your choked voice. Do this 4 to 5 times a day.

A mix of black pepper, caraway seed and a pinch of salt also effective as dry cough remedy.

Reducing the pain

When you’re suffering from dry cough the more you hack the more pain you feel in your throat. Yeah, that is mainly because the irritation in your throat. You will feel the pain every day and somehow it also affects your concentration when working. Fortunately, there is actually an effective method to relieve dry cough pain.

Suck on any kind of hard candy. It helps increasing saliva, make you swallow more and thus suppressing coughs. Less coughs means less pain for you.