Top 55 herbal remedies

Around the world different cultures heavily relied on medicinal plants and other plants to seek relief from conditions they contract from the environment.

There are those who believed that because of certain fruit’s shape that it can heal the ailments of certain body parts.

That the place of origin of the herb greatly influence the healing properties of the plant and the spectrum of conditions it can treat as well. All of the information were only derived from observation and no scientific basis were provided to either prove efficacy or to disprove or discontinue usage due to potential risks be it great or small.

At this time, current time, studies show that all of the byproduct of research for pharmaceutical companies has benefited humans in multitude of ways of which their goal is to improve the quality of life.

One thing is for sure, herbs should not be used to replace formulated medicines for specific treatment especially those that are formulated for complicated cases. Note that even taking the supplements might require a physician’s approval before taking to reduce the risk of contraindications.

This article will talk about those herb remedies used on common conditions that may be done individually independent from a physician’s advice. This article will note few of the top 55 remedies that are being suggested for use as intervention.

First let’s talk about burns since almost all of us might have experienced this at least two to three times or sometimes we wouldn’t even remember how many times that happened.

So we will rank the few remedies sited here based on how frequent the case is experienced. The best remedy to use on burns is the application of Aloe Vera extract on the affected area.

The Aloe Vera extract has a cooling effect to take away the burning sensation and it is mostly water which is essential to cell repair and it is generally hypoallergenic as well.

Next is a solution for a lot of women’s discomfort during the menopausal stage of their lives. The Black Cohosh has been used to treat hot flashes.

Common to women in the premenopausal or menopausal stage experience this symptom that would typically last seconds or a few minutes.

Black Cohosh is a good alternative supplement to level the declining amount of estrogen in the human body. For people who cannot take estrogen they may take Black Cohosh supplement as an substitute but only after confirmation of their attending medical professional.

Anybody has heard of cramps of the stomach? We can vouch that a lot of us reading this article had that moment in our lives.

There could be multiple causes for this type of bodily reaction. In Europe, most people use tea made out of chamomile to help relax the stomach and to reduce contraction also to relieve pain generated from those involuntary contractions.

These contractions are not normal since it does not follow the peristaltic pattern by the body and so causing pain and discomfort.

This next one is a no brainer. You ever felt sleepy but you had to stay awake? That sounds like a good reason to get a cup of brewed coffee. Though drowsiness is not a disease it happens to all of us when we have to stay awake and we did not have enough rest during the night or the day.

Coffee is packed with caffeine that will aid in stimulating the brain and so will keep you active as needed.

There are other remedies out there for other ailments. Feel free to search for them but these are the ones that ranked top four based on commonality.