Herbal Remedy For Bronchitis

Bronchitis is defined as the inflammation of the bronchus in the lungs. Inflammation is a common sign infection. The infection or irritation may be caused by a foreign matter breathed, viral or bacterial infection.

Note that this condition may be a symptom to other more complicated causes so it is advised that if this persists that anyone should seek for medical attention as needed for treatment, if necessary.

Bronchitis in general is the body’s attempt to get rid of the volume of mucus build up in the lungs. The inflammation is caused primarily by the infection but then is aggravated due to the persistent coughing and other complications that develop due to the infection.

There are two types of bronchitis and this article will explain those in detail plus the appropriate herbal remedies for it.

The first type is the Acute Bronchitis. Acute Bronchitis is often brought by the contraction of viral infection from the environment either by inhalation of contaminated droplets suspended in the air or contact with contaminated things.

The treatment of this type of bronchitis is based solely on the symptom-treatment which means the body will be allowed to recuperate from the presence of the virus naturally and then the symptoms manifesting will be relieved as it occur.

The second type is the Chonic Bronchitis and this is the type of bronchitis that lasts by about one to two years. This case might need specific medical treatment so consulting a medical professional is advised.

Ginseng is a good remedy for bronchitis as it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. It reduces the congestion of the bronchial passages and so it facilitates the expulsion of the sputum building up in the lungs.

Astragalus is another herbal remedy that is believed to be an antibiotic. The truth about this herb is that it has that intrinsic quality to promote immunity.

With the boosted immune system it will allow the infected to be able to recover faster compared to relying on the normal process of the body’s recuperation rate.

The rate of the body’s healing will entirely depend on the nutrition and other biological factors that are relevant to combating illness like smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, hydration and many others.

Echinecea, like Astragalus, helps boost the immune system to help hasten the recovery from the infection.

Coltsfoot is another remedy especially when the bronchitis starts manifesting coughs. Coughing is the body’s reflex to expel the sputum build up in the lung or in the airway in general. Coltsfoot is cough suppressant.

Elecampane works on coughs like Coltsfoot but it works to help clear the sputum from the lings by stimulating the production of fluid in it for easier expulsion.

The expulsion of excessive sputum will aid in preventing the progression of the condition as the sputum may harbor the pathogen and other bacteria that may cause complication(s).

Eucalyptus of the mint family may be used for steam inhalation to help decongest the nasal pathway. This is one of the worst discomforts having a respiratory tract infection. When you can’t breathe through your nose it is such as hassle.

You can’t smell anything. You feel your nose is stuffed. And then you loose appetite. All of these are not a good combination. But there are remedies available. You just need to search for them.