Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is energy healing.

The universe is made up of energy. Our bodies are electrical and magnetic fields as well as blood and bone.

The practitioner lays his or her hands lightly on the person being healed. The process consists of 12 formalized hand positions that move along the chakras and the meridians in the body. These same points are used in acupuncture and EFT. Just like acupuncture and EFT, you don’t need to believe in the process for it to work. Practitioners also use three symbols to facilitate healing. These symbols as well as the system were developed by Dr. Usui.

Dr. Usui was a Buddhist monk who had also studied Christianity. He originated this therapuetic system which he taught and practiced. Dr. Usui had a mystical experience on Mt. Kurama. He used this experience along with the knowledge he had learned in his various studies. He put these together and developed this therapuetic process.

This system is not a religion. But the practice is spiritual in nature and can easily co-exist with any religious beliefs. The only prescription Dr. Usui had for living was the following:

  • The secret art of inviting happiness.

  • The miraculous medicine of all diseases

  • Just for today,

  • do not anger

  • Do not worry and be filled with gratitude

  • Devote yourself to your work.

  • Be kind to people.

  • Mornings and evenings join your hands in prayer and repeat these words out loud and in your heart

  • For the improvement of mind and body

Usui Spiritual Healing Method

I find this process of Reiki helpful in many situations including the practice of meditation. This energy is very gentle and restores what is needed in the body - be it emotional, mental or physical.

As always, if you are suffering from a serious disease, I would suggest that you use this system in addition to any traditional medical help. It’s always good to try multiple solutions to a problem we face.