Herbal Remedy for Hot Flashes

Hot flash is a common complaint from many women approaching the premenopausal period of their lives. Let’s make clear that a hot flash is not a disease but a symptom of an upcoming life event.

Note that a hot flash may also be induced on different other medical conditions that affect the thermoregulatory ability of the body.

People who experience this discomfort would normally seek natural ways to relieve it. Herbal remedies are those that get to your mind first before anything else.

Hot Flashes are not just seen and or experienced by women. There were cases charted as well regarding men experiencing the same but since the prevalence of this condition is more common in women then it is best that we focus on the remedies and other possible intervention relevant to both men and women.

All women are going to go through the early stages of menopause but not all of these women approaching that significant stage will experience hot flashes.

Statistics suggests that eight out of ten women experiences hot flashes during the premenopausal stage and during the menopausal stage itself.

The alleviation of the manifestation of a hot flash is of utmost priority since it is extremely uncomfortable to the subject.

Hot flashes symptoms
Hot flashes are notable when the following is felt: sudden increase in the feeling of warmth that is normally common to be felt on the head and around the neck region and there were reports that indicate the heat is felt all throughout the body inducing sweating, flushing of the skin characterized by redness, and night sweats if it occurs while the subject is asleep. Hot flashes may also be experienced years before the onset of the menopausal period.

The predictability of the occurrence is not possible as it is caused by the declining levels of estrogen that is the primary female hormone.

As people seek alternative to conventional medical treatments below is a list of herbal remedy to ease the manifestations of a hot flash.

List of Herbal Remedy for Hot Flashes

Evening Primrose extract is one of the most commonly recognized emmenagogic substances that may be used to aid people suffering from hot flashes.

The Evening Primrose extract contains gamma linolenic acid that inhibits the production of prostaglandin also known as the pain chemical of the body.

Prostaglandin enhances the perception of pain and so logically eases the pains and discomfort brought by premenopausal stages and menopausal stage as well.

Notably this extract also has the component that targets the hypothalamus which is the center of thermoregulation resulting to an effect that helps relieve hot flashes.

Red clover is another popular plant to relieve hot flashes.

This is a wild plant that is an ideal source of estrogen-like substance known as isoflavones.

Isoflavones are chemical compounds that have a similar chemical structure as that of estrogen.

With the similarity in structure it mimics the function of estrogen and sort of acts as a substitute for it. With regular intake as supplement it will aid in stabilizing the declining level of estrogen by tricking the monitor watch of the body saying there is filler for it.

There are many other herbal remedies available out there to aid the occurrence of hot flash bit nonetheless if you seek herbal remedy bear in mind that you have to do is try to look for it.