Herbal Remedy For Dandruff

The summer time is nearing and many of us people are looking forward to that dryer warmer season for fun and enjoyment.

Probably some of us have experienced fun during the cooler months but nothing beats going out in the sun bathing in its rays and enjoying the heat while soaking in breathtaking beaches!

Coming with the summer season is the dryness and difficulty in managing the hair, scalp and skin. You ever thought of having sunburn? How about unmanageable hair? How about dandruff? We would like to talk more about the latter as it seems simple but more prevalent among all ages in the world’s population.

By statistics it showed that close to half of the total population of the world after puberty are affected by this very common condition regardless of sex and ethnic origin.

As humans we associate with a lot of people every day and so it is somehow a bit embarrassing to showcase this mass of white flakes on the back of your clothes, your collar, you hair.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to constantly check your shoulders to see if any of the flakes fell on it?

Dandruff is not a disease

Dandruff is not a disease just to put a stop on the here-say that it is an illness. It is not. Dandruff is the shedding of the skin’s outer layer that is practically made of dead cells on the scalp. Naturally this is a way of the body to renew the old corny layer of the scalp.

This process, popularly known as molting on lesser form of animals, would induce a feeling of itch and some discomfort. Note that dandruff is a condition caused by too much exposure to both intense heat and cold.

When person is exposed to too much heat the tendency of the scalp is to dry out and shed for a new layer of skin to protect the head.

While there are other cases where people exposed to too much cold causes the sebum or the oil produced by the skin to moisturize the layer and the hair turn to flakes as the said secretion has fat in it. The itching part is the body’s natural way of ridding the scalp of the flakes.

List of Herbal Remedy For Dandruff

There are herbal remedies available to solve a dandruff problem that is the primary reason why you are reading this article.

But first we need to understand the factors affecting the formation of dandruff to understand the circumstances surrounding its occurrence.

These factors are the skin oil or sebum, the microbes on the skin and their by-product, and individual resistance.

The common herbal remedy to dandruff is the use of highly moisturizing oils and other regimen.

Olive oil is one of the most commonly used interventions that may be applied neat to the skin, the scalp. This may be applied after heating it in the microwave to a temperature not too hot but warm.

Be very careful not overheating the oil as it can cause burn on your scalp and you definitely just want to get rid of the dandruff and not your hair.

The preparation may then be massaged to the scalp. This is advised to be done before bed time.

Allow the oil to sit on the hair and scalp just cover it with a shower cap and when you wake up just rinse it off with a mild shampoo. While sleeping the oil will be absorbed by the skin and aid in keeping it moisturized.

Here is the video how to use olive oil for dandruff problems