Wet Cough Home Remedies

Wet cough is different from dry cough. Wet cough always characterized with the presence of mucus and phlegm. We usually suppress dry cough to avoid the pain in our throat but it is different with wet cough. If you have wet cough you shouldn’t suppress it, instead you’re advisable to encourage it.

Wet cough sometimes can be considered to be productive when phlegm is being removed from your chest. Thus you’re advisable to encourage it and get rid of the phlegm as soon as possible. When the phlegm is gone your cough will usually go away with it.

Although usually wet cough usually gone as the time pass it is still better if you get rid of it as soon as possible using wet cough home remedies.

Wet cough home remedies

The best way to cure wet cough is by encourage the cough and thinning mucus so it can easily be expelled from the body.

Ginger is always the first and the easiest to find home remedies for both wet and dry cough. You can create cough syrup by mixing 2 teaspoons of ginger juice and a couple drop of honey. Ginger tea also proved to work well for cough. If you only have ginger in your kitchen you just have to peel the skin and chew it to cure your cough, Very simple yet effective.

Onion can also help thinning mucus. Crush the onions and extract the juice. Mix it with a couple drop of honey or lemon juice and you get yourself an effective wet cough home remedy.

Gargling with a glass of warm salt water also has been proven to cure wet cough. It helps soothe the throat and thinning mucus.

Sucking on horehound candy also has been proven as good method to cure wet cough. Horehound is capable to trigger the coughing and pushing up phlegm.

You also need to learn coughing technique to maximize the amount of phlegm you expel when coughing. When you feel you’re going to cough real soon you need to force yourself to do a series of small and gentle cough before the big one comes. The small and gentle coughs help pushing mucus to the air passage and then it will be expelled by the last big cough. The more mucus out from your body the faster you’re going to be free from the cough.