Stop Drinking Caffeine When You Have To

Caffeine is part of daily routine for adults, especially for those who love to work. These people need caffeine because it is capable of affecting the nervous system. It can increase our awareness and sharpens the brain thus they can concentrate and focus while working. Some people even drink it just to get fresh in the morning.

You can buy caffeine pills in drug stores or drink a cup of coffee if you need the effect of the caffeine. Coffee actually contains high level of caffeine. Most people prefer coffee than caffeine pills because they love coffee’s unique flavors and aromas. According to the latest research 54% of adults in theUSdrink coffee every day. That data show high level of caffeine consumption in theUS.

Although caffeine offer benefits for adult it actually have negative effects in the body. Therefore you need to limit your caffeine consumption in moderate dose. Two to four cups of coffee or 200 to 300 mg of caffeine a day is considered moderate.

Stop consuming caffeine when you begin to feel the negative effect. Caffeine negative effects that you need to be aware of are insomnia, restlessness, nervousness, rapid heartbeat, stomach pain and muscle tremors.

People reaction to caffeine vary from person to person depend each person's sensitivity. It is also influenced by age, body mass and health conditions. People who drink coffee regularly have been proven more resistant to caffeine. These people will eventually increase their caffeine consumption dose to obtain the effects of caffeine and slowly deteriorate both their physical and psychological condition.

When you’re not getting enough sleep it means you already affected by caffeine side effects. This condition happens because people who regularly drink caffeine usually having difficulty staying awake during the day. But they will have difficulty sleeping at night because of the caffeine. Thus their sleeping time will decrease and if it continues it will lead to fatigue and other adverse effects.

If this happens you need to stop consuming either caffeine pills or coffee. Don’t stop it drastically since it can cause headaches and migraine. You should do it slowly and gradually reducing the amount of caffeine you consume every day. If you are a coffee addict you can try by switching to decaf coffee. The last step you should take when you're having trouble to change the habits is to see a doctor and ask his/her about medical treatment you need to have.

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