Things You Need to Know About High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition where your blood pressure surpasses the upper limit of normal blood pressure. You usually won’t realize having it if you don’t check it.

High blood pressure symptoms

Early stages of hypertension usually don’t come up with any symptoms at all. That is why people with early stages of high blood pressure usually never know if they have it. You could have it for years without knowing it. That is why high blood pressure is known as a silent disease.

High blood pressure symptoms usually start to appear when you’re in the stage one of hypertension. The symptoms include headache, nosebleeds and dizziness.

It is advisable that you check \your blood pressure at least one in a month time to prevent you from having untreated hypertension. You can have organs damage, risk of heart attack, kidney disease and other body disorders if you left hypertension untreated.

You don’t have to go to a doctor to check your blood pressure since you can do it yourself with a proper tools. You can purchase it at pharmacy stores and follow the guidelines to use it.

If you found out that your systolic pressure between 140 to 159 or your diastolic pressure between 90 and 99 you are advisable to seek advice from a doctor. That means that you’re in the stage 1 of hypertension. You need to lower your blood pressure if you don’t want to have healthy problems because of high blood pressure.

We have an article about high blood pressure natural remedies that you can read for a reference. Still, you need to be under the supervision of a qualified medical practitioner to take it.

High blood pressure causes

So far there is not a single identifiable cause for high blood pressure. It is quite strange but that’s what actually happens. There is no a single cause since it actually happens due to a combination of many factors like overweight, lack of exercise, smoking, stress, alcohol, age, family history and many more.

So, other than checking your blood pressure regularly you also need to live a healthy lifestyle to protect yourself from having high blood pressure.