When Do You Need Additional Water Intake?

We’ve told you before that you need to drink adequate water everyday to stay healthy. Although we said that there is no exact formula to estimate the adequate volume of water we need to drink every day there are actually methods to detect whether we drank adequate water or not.

You’ll usually not feel thirsty and produce around 1.5 liters of urine every day if you have adequate water or fluid intake. If you want more accurate volume of water you should drink everyday you need to visit a doctor or a nutritionist.

Additional water intake. Some factors in our life also affect our daily water needs. As we’ve mentioned before, gender is one of these factors. Men and women need different volume of water everyday.  Men will need more water intake than most woman. Other factors that influence our daily water need are environment condition and our body condition.

Environment condition. Hot environment will require you to drink more water be it in outdoor or indoor. The reason is pretty obvious. You’ll lose more fluid due to excess heat. You can even need more water in winter if you stay too long in a room with heated air. Other environment condition that requires you to drink more water is altitude beyond 2500 meters. High altitude environment will trigger increased urination and you also need to breath more rapidly which make you lose more fluid.

Body Condition. Extra activities and health condition will influence our water need. People who do extra exercise in gym usually need additional water intake up to 3 glasses of water. It depends on how much you sweat during the exercise. It is also recommended that you drink water before and after the exercise. Sport drink that contains sodium is a recommended since it can replace sodium that you loss because of the exercise.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding is an example of health condition that requires you to take more water. It is recommended for women who breast-feed to consume around 3.1 liters of water everyday since large amount of fluid are used during the nursing.

Although drinking water is essential and needed to stay healthy you must avoid drinking too much water. Drinking too much water can causing a health problem called Hyponatremia, a condition where sodium level in blood is low.